Friday, April 24, 2015

new beginnings

got my hair cut again.
hubs hates short hair but I love it
easy to care for and I think I look
more normal 

been pruning these guys
to make them healthy and happy

been saving these to store fabric scraps

and delivered these to the new baby

I guess April for me is new beginnings.........
not much sewing going on
more organizing and sprucing up
I guess that needs to be done too

soon I will be back to sewing`
girlfriend and I have already talked about
a sewing date
out in the screen porch
sounds good to me!
sewing and admiring my flowers in one shot!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

now look what I started

my sewing friend saw my blocks
made with 2 1/2 inch squares
guess what she is cutting?
2 1/2 inch squares LOL

worse case scenario she says is that if she doesnt make
anything with them.............
I will be gifted with them

whoot whoot............
maybe I should distract her!  
cutting them is my least favorite task 
ha ha

(insert evil laugh..........)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

what does your pincushion look like

this is one I made for a friend this past Christmas.....
it went with her needleholder and notebook.

I would LOVE to make this one........I dont have a pattern but I
am thinking it isnt too hard to do in felt
on a little fabric pillow


these are also cute. and look easy to do.
not sure if mine would stand on its own though

and I FELL IN LOVE.........
I have to make a new pincushion for ME
JUST FOR ME is NOW on the to-do list

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

grandkids are precious

this is baby Hunter and me. I guess I was talking to him
(big mouth open LOL)
doesnt he look like a doll?
so small and delicate

he was stretching and making noises
until I rubbed his feet. then he went to sleep
how funny is that?
he likes his foot rubbed for sure
we were laughing at that
he is a good baby his mom says so that is good

here is his oldest brother......the hockey champ
he was on his way to see a hockey game
and at half time they each go on the ice
and try a shot at getting the puck in the net
can you say excited????

and here is the little guy that wanted to name his brother (or sister)
Hulk Hogan
He loves wrestling and soccer
he was opening his Easter basket from me
between their schedule, the baby and mine 
we didnt get there any sooner.
they are always on the go

two happy boys with new toys
and candy
and a new baby brother

in the garden

this is my Aunt who passed away recently
Tia Jo
she loved elephants (and had over 600 of them )
no not the real alive kind but the collecting kind
I want to put something in my garden to represent her
I am not sure of her favorite flower as she loved
many of them
I would love to put an elephant in the back garden
among the daffodils and bleeding heart

well, I was left in her will. Me and a cousin. BUT it seems 
there is a catch. so be it. I dont really care but 
my cousin is furious!
My Aunt had no children. she is the one a few years back I 
did the 12 days of Christmas for and she got a kick out of it
she said all her friends would call her daily (who knew?)
to find out what present she got for that day of the song
anywho, seems a cousin and I were mentioned in her will
to inherit the life insurance policy. it was the first I had 
heard of it. my Aunt never mentioned it to me.
anyway, I called the lawyer on my Dads letter (he was mentioned too and then his  portion is null also)
and the lawyer said he was not sure how they wrote the will that
way because the insurance company will only pay 
the person on the policy and if deceased they will pay the estate
(I am thinking her policy must have read to my uncle who has been deceased many years now)
well, I dont know how it  reads but it seems like the boyfriend
who is in charge of the estate will get it. 
I personally don't care. It touched me that my Aunt thought enough of me 
to include me in her will. If he (the boyfriend) is not following her wishes,
I would not want to be him when I pass on!
My cousin on the other hand wont let it go. 
She wrote to me and said she s going to find out more
and that she has some pictures of my family to share
and maybe an elephant! She went to  my Aunts house and got them.
I guess the boyfriend didnt care about pictures and elephants

I am SO happy! I would LOVE to have one of HER elephants!
How cool is that???
to me it is better than any life insurance policy
even if it were lots of money.
THAT ELEPHANT means more to me..........
hopefully it is big enough that it can be seen
among the flowers.
I think Tia would be happy with that........
I know I WILL!!!!!!!!
rest in peace Tia....

Monday, April 20, 2015

tee party

I want to have some crafty time with my nieces
I got some ideas for embellishing some summer tees for fun
this one has stars you cut out of contact paper and attach
then you spray the shirt with a bleach and water mixture
let it in the sun to bleach
rinse off in water then soak a little in vinegar to stop the bleaching.
how cute is that?

this one you cut slits horizontally 
evenly spaced in back about half inch to inch apart
then you take the top band of fabric made by the slit
and bring it over and under the next one and repeat
all the way down till the bottom is reached. then you attach 
the strip to the bottom by sewing to hold it in place

this one is done with a bleach pen. 
great for people with pretty penmanship
vinegar set like the first one
after rinsing off

and this one uses up tons of pony beads
for the kiddos to do
cut off hem of sleves and bottom
then cut slits up to where you mark the shirt
I am thinking mark it with an old used
bar of soap
the edges are sharp and you can see the mark
then it washes off
pull on the tee pieces and tie on the beads
easy peasy
and fun ideas for the kiddos  out of school!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

the weather is beautiful

some sleepyheads stayed in bed..........while others ventured out
into the sunshine!

excuse the finger in the picture. but there are GREEN things
growing in the front garden! yes! GREEN........

a closer look tells me they are daffodils, tulips and iris coming up