Tuesday, July 19, 2016

computer issues

have to wait for my son to help me with this

not fun.

hoping to be up and running soon.


365 circle quilt so far

Here is where I am with the circle quilt so far
on the left is Jan-Feb-Mar and on the right is April
and 2 rows of May
Dunkin seems to be dizzy LOL

Here  is a closer look at April and what
I have finished for May
I need to find more green background squares for
the next few rows

there, a better "catless" view LOL
I think so far it is coming along
Once I found out how LARGE this quilt
is going to turn out
I decided on the front being 6 months
and the back being 6 months
I am hoping I can keep with that idea
Julie- see the orange circle with the glasses?
that fabric was from you and so so adorable
when I put out the call for orange
and some of Collettes fabrics are in there too
How cool is that ? I see a lot of my friends in those fabrics
kinda like romper stomper bomper boo tell me tell me 
tell me do..... LOL  Did they ever call YOUR name?
NEVER called Dawn in that magic mirror! I used to get
sooooooooo disappointed as I was sitting RIGHT UP FRONT
to the TV. how could she NOT see me?????? LOL

any who now that I have shown my age ha ha
Here is another shot of what I have done so far
the challenge I think is to make sure the 52 weeks
comes out ok.
that would mean 26 per side of the quilt
or 13 rows down which I see I already have 14
so I will have to decide where the months have blanks
and where I have to merge one into the other

so many things to think about in this quilt
I do like making the circles
I machine applique them onto 5 inch charms
and am using  a lot of the charms up which is great!
I am learning a lot too
about planning..........
about colors playing with each other
and about random placement
its all good............
how are your projects coming along?

Monday, July 18, 2016

computer issues

I am having computer issues........
hoping too be back and running soon......

do you think Dunkin likes quilts?

why are quilts cat magnets?
every single time I put one down to take 
a picture
whether on the couch
or the floor..........

he gets up close and personal
and checks out every little detail

and then shows his approval in a BIG way!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

computer issues

I am having computer issues. the only blogging that will happen is auto posts that I have already set up
I need to wait to get this straightened out

I wont have a computer access for a bit. I am typing this on another computer to let you know not to worry

I can also visit your blogs but not comment    gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr
computers......................love em...................hate em

hope to be back soon.........I guess I will have more time to sew LOL

another set of UFOs

I am knitting up more dishcloths
have you ever had one of these?
My Aunt Jo who passed away had sent me one
as she was helping a friend to sell them
so I bought more from the friend
and man I LOVE THEM!
now I am hooked!
and I dont like the ones from the store

I knit them when I can
and everyone who gets one loves them too

I use mine for dishes
and they are of cotton yarn
my niece wants to learn how to crochet some
so I will teach her

how fun for us to crochet away 
some gifts while chit chatting

I love that girl!
she hunts, fishes, sews, does crafts
arm knits and now wants to learn how to crochet

these were for the reunion but I will work on a green
one that was started

I have to wait for hubs to get an MRI test
so this will be a good diversion as I wait

Saturday, July 16, 2016

if you see this guy today..........

if you see this guy today..........

wish him a happy birthday!

you see
he is now "officially" a senior

medicare card toting, aches and pains
everywhere senior discounts on certain days
senior citizen