Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Some of the gifts I can show

This is a huge tote
And if you bought it
You could get either
A matching zippy bag
Or a 3 pk of lotion

I got one tote and the zippy bag
And then got 2 pkg of 3 on the lotion
But paid for those
I have 5 stockings so needed 5

The shopping is coming along
For Christmas

Now that I have thread again maybe
The sewing will move along 

I made my list a lot smaller.......
Landons quilt
Brothers deer
2 baby quilts and bibs and burp cloths

After all there are only something like 9
Weekends until Christmas
When you work that is how you think
At least I do. After getting up early and working all day I dont feel like shopping till I drop during the week

How are your projects coming along?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hickory dickory dock

Hickory dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock
Dunkin and Phoebe played tag
Till the mouses tail wouldnt wag

While Rich and I were asleep
We didnt hear narry a peep
The body was dropped on the bed
And was found in the morning quite dead.

When I screamed and woke up the hubs
He used his cane to pound him like a club
Again I screamed, NO BLOOD
So in the loo he was flushed in a flood

That was our story on Monday
You could say it was a fun day
Excitement was in the house
In the form of a little field mouse.

Monday, October 15, 2018

My 89 dollar thread

One of my readers.......
Whose name I wont mention
Said I could not go and just get thread 
And I said yes I can 
I dont need any more fabric
So I innocently go into Joanns
And another friend emails me the super duper coupons
Yeah. Great great sales......
How can a gal resist?
I did NOT buy fabric
And I did get some Christmas gifts too

I got this quilt as you go book

A knitting magazine with an adorable raccoon bag kit

And a table toppers book.

Yeah cause I NEED them right?
You use up the fabric I have

So 89 dollars later...........
And I used a coupon too

Oh boy

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Craft fairs are fun

I went to my brothers house. He had some apples, a squirrel feeder,pinecones and canning jars for me. Yeah, I know. He treats me well.
On the way to get groceries, there was a craft show so I went.

It was raining and vendors were outside so under plastic and it was tough for them to sell.
Look at this cool leaf plate I got.she made it out of cement and a leaf from her garden.

I love it

He got me half bushel of apples favorite 

This is a wooden layered bowl I bought for Rich

A different view

The inside
So cool

A bracelet for me
So purty

So when I went for groceries I got a few things for my brother. He and Dad was talking about making a dump cake so got him a cake mix and pie filling. Also got Dad some cook pudding. His store only has instant which he hates.
He was surprised when I brought it all to him........
Then I did the unthinkable.......I showed my brother PINTEREST. LOL

Plenty of inspiration everywhere

Are you getting all kinds of catalogs this time of year?
Nancys notions
Annies attic
Connecting threads 

I love my cuppa tea and a catalog for some ideas

I saw these cute spools. Maybe after the holidays.....

Blogs are posting quilt show pictures....
So fun
Who doesnt love a quilt show?

Good news on the baby quilts
I guess I had esp because she is having a boy
The boyish neutral one will be great
So I think two little quilts and some burp cloths and bibs will fit the bill for a nice gift 
She is due in Feb so probably a shower around Dec

At least the two tops are done.
I ran out of thread and now have to go to the store
How can that happen? Ugh

Friday, October 12, 2018

Dunkin is happy with my progress

Dunkin looks content
He is happy with my progress

I grabbed my 1.5 barrel and just sewed up some 4 patches
I now have 30 of them
Many more to go to make a quilt
But fun thinking involved
Just sew......

Found another cup i had cut out....
I had to sew it

And the borders  got put on this one

Two tops for baby. Once i batt and back and quilt them.
Are you moving any projects towatds being finished?

My brother gives me too much credit

My brother saw this on the computer
And said Dawn can you make this?
You draw things and I have a dremel

Well I said to him drawing and carving are 2 different dimensions.
And I have never used a dremel.
He is too funny

He says if you want to try I have a small antler

I am flattered he thinks I can make something this beautiful

Brothers.......they sure can be funny
And I love the 3 I have