Friday, July 31, 2015

cute holiday project

check out the link above to make this darling holiday quilt. got little ones?  perfect for them to wait for Santa under........ love love love it.......I dont know if I have any brown but I am going to check out the green this!  at Modabakeshop

you making anything for the holidays yet?

rudolph text

more bag starts

love this one for a Math genius niece
she loves numbers

and a classy black and beige one

oo and look at this sweetie!  flowers..........
I hope I will be able to give these away once made!
love them all!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

purple anyone?

these are some of the purple I had in my stash

to make two purple bags
I have a niece who LOVES purple.........

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

seeing red

some red starts for zip bags
love this red and black one

and this all red one too

and oh I cant forget this one........
I would have a hard time choosing

once I start putting in the zippers
I will do it production style
and hopefully put a ton
of zippy bags in my box

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

old macdonald had a farm

sorry for the horrible picture. I tried to get white in the background
low tech around here LOL
here is the start of a cow zip bag
I am grabbing and piecing anything that looks "country" to me
and "making a piece of fabric
then I will cut a front and back
and lining and wrist strap
and make a bag

ole Bessie is a cutie isnt she?

she is keeping me company early in the morning
as I sew for 30 min before work
very calming start to the day...........

linking up with Beth at love laugh quilt

Monday, July 27, 2015

tree of life

saw some half square triangles at a friends house today
would love to make this out of some
maybe I need to make some leaders and enders.........

and I found these pics of snow. WOW.........funny how soon we forget
this was such a mess

this was the front tree
yeah. wanna see?

this tree right here. the snow was halfway up the trunk!  
seems funny to think of snow but I guess it is because today is 90 and hot and humid here.
I love the seasons and the changes but man they are getting extreme!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

its gawdgeus!

Are these gladioli not gorgeous? 
I am loving them
the best 2 dollars I ever spent!  2 dollars a bag
one bag mixed I put here with multi colors..........

and one bag purple I put in back near shed with purple and yellow alternated

another pretty one......

see? purple and yellow. cant wait till these come out

should my bleeding heart look like this?
I am looks horrible!

and another little tomato ripening for me
will be ready soon
as long as someone else doesnt get it!