Sunday, August 19, 2018

Labor day plans

Cleaning up again after my secret sewing
Got lots done
Just not lots I can show on the blog 

The little boy with cancer loved his quilt
And stuffed toys and had fun playing with Jacky's granddaughter.
He will be at his second treatment and staying in the hospital for a bit I guess.
So sad for a little guy to have to endure this.

I forgot where this went.
Not sure if I needed more cut
More sewn
Some fixed 
Not sure,what the cause of the stalling is

But will continue on my finishing quest
Any of you have Labor Day sewing plans?
Jacky and I are planning to take one day and sew Christmas.
I have a list that i need to get cut out and ready
Bear paw potholders for bear brother
Fish potholders for fish brother
Spa stockings for nieces....filled with fancy soaps (ON SALE at green fairy quilts)
Massage or nail gift cert
Bath and bodyworks lotions
Tea  fuzzy comfy socks...etc till its full
Times 5 nieces (they dont read my blog)
Also kitchen towels with soccer santa and hockey santa appliqued on.

Hoping to have a full sewing day
And get lots done.
And you?

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Friday night planning

Friday I went to Jackys house
We looked thru some magazines and patterns for Christmas

This is a cute mugrug with a pocket
When she wasnt lookin......
I kind a grabbed the scissors
And um.......prettied up her stash

You know when the ends are crooked because you cut for a project

Yeah so I just "did her a favor"
Isnt this cat fabric cute?

She almost caught me.......
The pieces almost fell outta my shirt

Good thing I am heavy and wear baggy clothes
You never know when you may need a fat quarter!

(Please dont feel bad for me by sending fabric....I am sewing as fast as I can to use what I have.......just like to bust Jacky as she throws away fabric......imagine!  And calls me a trash picker ha ha.........)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Just another day

Do you remember this fabric?
I think I have plans for it

This guy has been banned from the sewing room 
He cant keep a secret and I am working on secret projects

And he stares at phoebe and sulks.
Cause feet away is the entrance to the sewing room 

He is worse than me when I cant get in there

Meanwhile this gal just goes with the flow

Thursday, August 16, 2018

She s whining again

Remember the potholder book I got?
Well I gave it to Jacky so she could use it since she gave me the coupon.....
She wanted to prove that she could one up me

She found these online......
A turkey

A mitten.........

A snowman.......

And this was her pattern for the Halloween topper

A Christmas one may be coming to a sewing
Room near you.........

I tell ya she needs a blog.........
We will have to come up with a blog name for her

Whacky jacky 

Jacky no blog until now

What does jacky say

Any good names you can think of?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jackys post

Jacky made this block from farmgirl
So cute

And she was fretting over this bag
She cut out the parts

Cut them wrong
But decided to roll with it
I think it came out adorable dont you?

Good job Jacky........
You gonna blog all week?
May as well as I have not done much

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jackys blog

Fooled ya
No she doesn't have one yet
But.... we will use this post as hers

This cute Halloween quilt is what she was working on

How adorable is that?

And for giggles she made some doll diapers
And burp cloths

I looked for spiders the whole time I was there
Yeah......none to be found 

We spent a little time checking out some
Projects that we both want to do
Soon .......if we can ever get together
We live so close......
But so far.....