Tuesday, October 6, 2015

any good game ideas?

I need some good game ideas 
for a family reunion in July
we found some online
one that we thought was fun was
find your shoe
everyone takes off their shoes and grabs a partner
you must have a partner to play
then the shoes are put in a huge area all scrambled up
when you say GO everyone runs with their partner to 
get their shoes BUT YOU cant touch YOUR shoes. 
your partner has to put them on you 
and you on your partner

we have 20 acres of land so this will be fun
we usually have like 200-300 people
of course not everyone will play
but we are hoping for some fun easy ideas
that wont cost a lot

Do you have any?
please let me know
we like to play in my family LOL

Monday, October 5, 2015

is it Monday already???

This is what I would LIKE to be doing this fine Monday morning.

instead I am up at 3 am writing out bills, feeding cats, being a referee to two 
cats who want to fight for some reason at 3 am,
organizing healthcare bills (yeah FUN huh?)
clipping coupons,
ironing clothes
getting ready for work.

now doesnt that sound like MUCH more fun than napping?
hope you have a great Monday friends.
I am getting excited.
next week I am on vacation
whoot whoot! been about 2 yrs since I had one
we are staying home so I can get my room organized for
(hubs isnt up to travel just yet anyways)

so I will sporadically blog as I purge and plod along
in my quest to get organized 
AND SEW...........

what are YOU doing this fine Monday morning?
betcha you are having more fun than me! LOL

Sunday, October 4, 2015

whats on your wish list?

Do you have a wish list? You know, one of those lists
 maybe you saw something on another blog
or on Pinterest (yes Collette I do go on occasionally **wink**)
and you want to make it?
so you save the photo inspiration

this was adorable and looks so easy

or maybe it is a wish "to do list"
like quilt this up for my nieces
quilts that they made when they were like ten
(they are now in their twenties and these would be 
cool for them to share with their kids)

or finish a quilt for YOU?
I could not part with this one
a gal where I worked suggested the red and black
color pallette and wanted to buy one
but she wanted a lap quilt for 20 bucks.
um yeah NO........LOL
I fell in love with it even though the colors dont go in my home
and need to get er done.......

I need to fix this one 
it is a family quilt I made for my mother inlaw
and she loved it to death
it has a tear I need to repair
then I think I will quilt it more heavily 
to protect it better

also on my list is my wish to do more canning

and quilt up 5 cat lap quilts

find this pattern and make some runners
I love the stars

and I need time to make more dishcloths
I lOVE these......

and make a Christmas quilt for ME

find a place on a wall to change out small season quilts
this one was made as a challenge with my 
previous landlord. we each made one
I hand quilted this one
she machine quilted hers
I used to hang it in my old apartment to 
decorate for the 4th and Memorial Day

I have a grandson who would LOVE this.........
it is on the list

and on my "bucket list" is to make a feathered star
my absolute favorite.........
(in my next life I guess)

and these look so cute and easy
I just dont have many solids in my stash

and my sons sporty family would love this to cuddle up 
on the couch

I would like to be able to throw more out
and make this bucket FULL
as you can see I only chuck slivers.
I need to be brave...........
(yes Jackie I will try and fill a trash bag full!)

and I need to get back to work on this quilt
I love it and the direction it is going

this is an inspiration for some hand work
I love applique
it is relaxing to me
(except for the stress of threading the dadgum needle with my
not so young eyes! ) LOL

and last on my wish list
can I look like this please?
oh well, can't have it all I guess

Saturday, October 3, 2015

do you cut scraps into squares?

As I am cleaning, I am pondering how to store my stash
should I cut up pieces into the largest squares I can
get out of the fabric?
would I regret it if I wanted a strip instead of a square?

I thought long and hard and said to myself just look and see
what you have made with squares
and see if they are versatile enough

this quilt was a scrap quilt that was supposed to be a donation
for a man in a nursing home
we had made about 5 or 6 lap quilts that were donated along
with fancy soaps and pillowcases and tissue covers
to an area nursing home for Christmas gifts
they passed out the gifts and the residents were thrilled that 
someone thought of them
the nieces and I had a ball crafting and thinking
of others too.

this little baby was just a "clean up these squares and make something" quilt
I like the way it turned out
some of these fabrics are very old
it just needs binding

this is fabric from my friend Sharon of http://vroomansquilts.blogspot.com/

I was gifted with a bunch of squares to use in my Irene quilt
as I hate cutting them
she gifted me with TWO bags full! so I started sewing them
and sewing them
and sewing them into little projects
and was surprised how much I got out of them
this is going to be a mat for the cats
every Christmas I make two for them

and this is going to be a sewing mat if I ever get busy

and another sewing mat

then there were the turkey runners
I made the centers for TWO of them
Fall colors are not usually colors I buy
so it was fun to work on something
for the holidays

this guy is a zip bag.......

another one........

color coordinated 16 patch

to make something like this.........
so I guess I answered my own question........
squares are very versatile even though I sewed
them as is
I could also have done half square triangles as well
I guess if the pieces are small enough I should cut 2 1/2 inch
squares and store them that way
I also want to make a plus quilt
and that uses them too
LOTS of them
How do you store YOUR stash once you cut into it
and you have scraps?
squares? strips? both?
leave the piece for a project like it is?

Friday, October 2, 2015

getting ready for a hurricane

if you dont hear from me for a couple of days we may be out of
internet or power

the hurricane may come our way up the coast so we are getting ready

water check
flashlights with batteries  check
gotta run and get some things like bread and milk
and cat food

the cats will be wandering around and hiding under the bed
at the windy noises and rain on the shed tin roof
we have already had huge branches of trees fall in the back
of the house
we didnt know what it was the other night
when I was putting the bird feeders in and gathering up things
I found a huge about 8 inches around by 6 feet branch
near the shed in back
and others a little smaller nearby

these guys I am hoping will not stress
as we weather the storm
times like this I wish I had a treadle
to sew away my stress

the screen porch is full
with my mums and plant containers and anything that could fly
hoping that this goes out to sea
then we will just deal with the water
another fun issue
hope all in the wake of the hurricane are safe and sound
hope to have some hand projects done if I can see to do them

stay safe my friends.....
hope to see you soon......

this one is so so neat

I have to make something for ME with this one
just because.
I love the embroidery

and I think some of the blues and beiges will go nicely
with it
maybe throw in some pinks and greens too
and yellow
we will see how this one turns out
it may make a fabulous bag for bringing to quilt show for stash enhancements 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

see you September.........

September came and went. I feel as though I was in the twilight zone.

worked a little on my Thanksgiving apron 
it is stalled until I find the muslin to finish it off
they just used raw edges which I am not a fan of
but the matching potholder is finished!

worked more on my turkey runner
and sewed the parts for a second one
now to hand applique the turkeys on the ends
and get em done

then saw this one.......WHY do I even LOOK on pinterest.......
tell me WHY????  lol  love him too!

hand quilted this baby up. just need to find a lighter blue to bind
to get this done

started researching recipes to cook healthier for hubs
he is not a veggie fan so it has been challenging to say the least

sewed up this piece for a sewing machine mat........

and another one.......in blue..........

took out some Fall "decorations"

decorated the front yard a little..........
my one dollar mums and they are in full bloom now
and so pretty

more decorating

bought an avalanche for snow removal this winter...
PLEEEEEEEEZE dont let us get a TON.........

made a couple more bags for the box

sewed up a mystery table topper
now to back and batt and quilt it up

went to a quilt show and bought someone elses UFOs
(I didnt have enough of my own you know.... ***wink***)

and more stash enhancements on the cheap.
some lights and my fav blues......

purged out some unused books and patterns

and am taking care of hubs in between work and rearranging
my room to ready it for the Gracie quilter.
I really need to set it up and get going on my UFO pile
I asked for more hours in a day but the request was denied......
How did your September stack up to what you 
wanted to accomplish?
all in all I am pleased that I got as much done