Thursday, June 21, 2018

Challenge Thurs

This is Sharons 
I love it

This is Rosemarys
Love her colors


Here is mine after this morning
Yeah i know....up at 3
Sewing till 4 30 but a lot of
Ready now for coffee lol

Jackys. A Christmas one

All so different and fun
Dont you Wish you had joined us?
It is a good size and fairly quick
To put together

I cant wait to see how everyone quilts theirs

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

so many quilts so little time.....

this quilt needs to be worked on again.
I think I am at the sashing part then borders
gotta get er done

this guy just loves to check and make sure I am doing my best work


and Phoebe looks like
"uh Mom are you gonna do something with HIM?"
I know Pheebes   he can be a pain in the petootie
but he is your brother.....

and these need to be finished into a flimsy

gotta get in that sewing room and organize things a bit
I have been playing with those mini grannies
and I really need to buckle down and get some things DONE

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Granny squirrel

How do you go from yeah these are cute

To how many can I get out of that jar of 1.5 squares?

To a planned "unplanned" project?

I am making a table topper with these
For my outside patio table
I will cover it with a plastic clear tablecloth
To protect it from barbecue sauce and the likes 
But I think I am in love.......
The more I make, the more favorites I have
Which is your favorite?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Farmgirl early

Hello there farmgals
well I managed to get TWO of the three blocks done
soo I guess not too bad LOL
I am SOOOOOO bad at finishing
probably because this quilt has taken so many turns as to 
how I will finish it

but anywho………..

For the month of JULY

we will be making 


What Dunkin!  why you hiding your head?????

and um showing me your backside...…..LOL
"Mom all those little pieces...…..WHY?"

what YOU TOO Pheebes?????

I guess they like the granny squares LOL
and know that the farmgirl quilt is NOT for them! LOL

whats on YOUR farm?

almost reminds me of years ago playing Farmville.
DId anyone do that? my little niece who was 9 at the time got a kick out of that
she used to play on my farm and put things on my acreage

so funny...…….

Oh my pieces

I played with more
Of these minis

Because now I have this........

And a bare patio table

And these  right outside the screenroon
Would look so nice on the table

Here is where it starts folks....
and the playing with colors 
Almost better than my 64 pk crayolas
What are you making?

linking up with Beth of

Sunday, June 17, 2018

What would quilters do

I need some quick reunion prizes
Should I make a basket of these?

Some tins with magnets?

Tissue holders with chapstick keychains?

Some bags?

Microwave bowls?

If you played a game and won
What would YOU like to win
Or should I go easy way out with dollar scratch tickets????

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Oh granny

How do itsy bitsy little pieces
That normal people would toss
Become such cute blocks?

You arrange them.......

And voila! These beauties happen
I STILL don't know what I am making
But I like them
Thinking of raiding the 2.5 inch squares
And see if the sizes would go together

I am lovin the granny squares at the 

What pattern has caught your fancy?