Thursday, April 19, 2018

A solid project

I am having too much fun
Wish I could stay home and play
These little 4 patches look so cute
Surrounded in solids

It would even make a cute baby quilt 
Of course i have no idea yet what i am making lol
Just 2.5 squares surrounded by 2.5 inch strips
Easy and cute and bonus 2.5 squares
Out of the leftovers

Dunkin did a cat scan to test my seams

Then did the roll test for
Softness and durability

Then the stretch test for size...
With that big butt Dunks I think 
I better keep sewing for a bit longer

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Black sheep black sheep have you any wool

Ok not wool  but three skeins full
I started this scarf number 4 at the garage
While I waited for oil change and tire
(Hey remember that camera angle my leg looks thin lol)

It is about half done
So a couple nights of
Knitting should finish it off 
And Three skeins will be
Outta the stash

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A little secret sewing

How fun are these
A little secret sewing 
Can't tell you what I am doing 
Or who it is for
But having fun 

How can you not love this cat

Or this cute square 
Thanks to Julie for gifting me

This is me right now 
Buzz buzz............
You hear my machine?

Monday, April 16, 2018

farmgirl vintage

I have been a bad leader.......

the raccoon block is a challenge for me right now

I think I need to get with Jacky and pick two more blocks
for the month of MAY

anyone making a farmgirl?  I may try and do some
of the 12 inch blocks. saw the cutest quilt
made of 12 inch blocks
not many are needed to make a small lap
or wall
a cute sheep for Easter
a pumpkin for the Fall
the mixer for the kitchen
any interest? or should I just finish mine on my own.........

The gift that keeps on giving

See these cuties?
As I was sewing my geese blocks
I used the squatrs JulieRose gave
Me as leaders and enders
And voila  a pile of them
Was born in no time

And as you know I got some cool
Solids from Vrooman recently
Not to mention the mailroom Stash
So I  added solids around them 
And  played with layout
Not like i have any ufos to
Work on hee hee

See this julie
STILL have half a baggie

And i made these too
For another quilt

Love my quilty friends

Saturday, April 14, 2018


anyone interested in making dresdens?

I was thinking of doing a project for everyone to join in 
that would be a small table topper
but made with the help of your friends

what do you think?  
I could give everyone the pattern
and then you would trade a dresden blade
with everyone and we would each make our dresden
color of our choice into a topper or wall hanging


Four more blocks


I am having so much fun with this
Quilt and these scraps
I only need 4 blocks
But will make a few extra to play
With arrangement

Now the hard question
Background white?
Gray like my walls?
Or black?

What say you????