Monday, May 21, 2018

Would you like a spot of tea

Jacky went to a tea party
SUNDAY  at high noon.
Her daughter in law got the
Tickets for Mothers Day.
Don't the girls look awesome?

Here is her Dil and granddaughter
Looking so party ready

And the King and Queen were 
There too......

They had tea and sandwiches
And cookies celebrating the
Wedding of Harry and Meagan 

A young lady must cross
Her legs just so when attending tea
And a fan helps to cool you
On a hot day......

A lady needs many outfits 
When invited to tea with the Queen 
Don't you think ?

Some flags and flowers and chocolate
And even some gingerale champagne

A fun way to spend a Sunday for sure.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I need a 72 hr day

This little project is on hold
Because of lack  of
I love it and it is
such an easy block too
a- 3.5 square
rest are 2 inch strips or squares

These purty little blocks
Will be a border

I have something in mind
hope it comes out like I envision it
sometimes I am so bad at that LOL

And look how old some of these 80s
Fabrics are
Love this one too
as that mauve color and the dusty blues
and other colors sprinkled in.....
I only have a few of these done
like 8 blocks
this will be one of those long term projects
as I envision it with an applique floral border

The original plan was to put
Them like this with a wide
Applique border
We will see
They are made willy nilly and trimmed to
The same size
Just start with any size square 
Add two sides
Repeat with different widths
Make the last width wide for trimming up
Easy and fun

These need magnets 
One winter day when I was bored
I made them lol
look at those cute quilt patterns
hee hee

So many projects.......
So little time

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rainy day fun

It is rainy and dreary here
Today. I started off watching
The wedding and crying lol
I looked out my window and saw
My lilac bush in bloom
And I know they dont last very long
So out in the rain I go
To pick a bouquet 

So pretty
And fragrant
And cheerful.

I PLACED it up high
Away from the two
Curious cats......
Hope it works!

So many little time

Oh there you are my pretties
I want to make a small log cabin
Lap size quilt out of these
Red centers then old fashioned
Prints for rest
If I remember right they worked up
Pretty quick

And Babs look!
I found 
My star quilt
Gotta see where I am
I think I had too many blue
Done and need white
And the half ones

Omg forgot about this one too
Had a charm pack of 
Non Christmas colors of pink and brown
And was just making rows of them

Need to find more in greens
And prints that are not all red
And green and do up
A sugarplum top

I think I have rows of 8 
we will see how this one comes out too

So much to play with 
So little time to play......

Friday, May 18, 2018

A little blue lagoon going on

Does anyone remember
DON HO and his Hawaiian guitar?
This runner reminds me of
Blue waters, relaxing steel guitar 
And just AHHHH
that vacation feeling

I had some strips of teal 
Left from the runner below
And you KNOW I have a blue bin
And pulled the green
Almost batik looking
And sewed er up 
Now just need batt and back 
I figure if I do a few
Runners at a time I wont
Feel bad cutting into my batting roll

Yeah, this turquoise fab
Love this too
Am debating an orange
Or not
But I think it will win out
It kinda looks cute


What can I make out of
These little pretties?
I SEE some earbud
Keyrings and maybe
Some bags.....
What do you see?

Go small or go home farmgirl

These guys are waiting in a tin 
For me to play another day
so tiny and cute
this is my 1.5 inch tin
see all those strips?
yeah  they will be little cute 9 patches

This was a new toy I got
You can never have
Enough cutters in my opinion 
I misplace mine all the time lol
kinda like socks. how can I lose them?

My farmgirl maple leaf
aint she purty?
I just love red maples
I may need a few more sprinkled around
my quilt but not sure yet

How are your fgv blocks coming along?
We wanna see.......

I found and Joined these slabs 
And need to make more
A cute childs quilt 
these I pulled mostly the same color to slab
into the squares
so so fun
and look
seems I had a big yellow day going on here
ha ha
and green
will have to find the blues and purples and browns
to play with next

These are so cute I just love them
and so easy
I think these were made mostly
in one sitting
pedal to the metal

See?  Made with 1.5 strips hanging around 
I see them as cornerstones 
Or borders
They are not ready to tell me
What they wanna be and thats ok
I will just keep making them now and then
when I can
And store in the tin

What are you making?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Did a little slabbing

Feeling overwhelmed so grabbed
The bits and pieces and started

this is my relax sewing
no rhyme nor reason
just pick up 2 pieces and sew
cut off long end and repeat

A few more slabs made
To play with on a rainy day

when they get to a certain size 
I just trim them down to a uniform size
all 8 for example
then I sew them together into a top

love doing that
sometimes I try to color coordinate
sometimes not......
its all fun

what are you making?