Friday, August 22, 2014

zuchinni what to do

the start of some zuchinni pineapple bread

this recipe of my moms makes a huge loaf and smaller loaves

I made the big one for hubs
the smaller ones went to two neighbors who helped price things for the yard sale

they got breakfast
I used up a zuchinni of the many that sis in law blessed me with

will have to shred the rest and freeze for later
 when we want some yummy zuchinni pineapple bread
anyone want the recipe?

make money while the sun is shining

or something like that. 
to make some money..............

you cant be sleeping............

hey guys..........I need some help here................

thanks Dunk! go back to sleep will ya?
I dont need your "help"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I have been busy

last night while I was chatting on the phone
my hands were doing this
knitting on huge needles
a scarf for the yard sale
in 2 different type blue yarns
that will get them out of the stash and make more room
also will keep someone nice and warm this winter

and I quilted up 4 mug rugs
some of the kitty ones
found some leftover batting
and some smaller fabric pieces for the backs
and bindings

played with some stitching
straight line

even more circles
4 more ready to bind and put in the yard sale box
maybe we can pair them with some glasses and make a set
we will see
what have YOU been up to?

the weather is a changing

the blooms of this lilly have faded

these petunias have all set out seeds

the roses blooms are sparse now 

the garden is getting ready to sleep for the winter

clematis is going nuts though LOL
where is my white one? from my buddy JulieRose?

the butterfly bush has been chopped again

the Fall decor is starting to come out

the ground cover is mulching itself in
Yep, I think Fall is a coming soon...........
As long as Winter is not close behind I don't mind
I love the cool Fall nights
the hot apple cider and apple pies
the smells of pumpkin 
and the warmth of a hoodie to cut the chill

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ever see one of these

this looks easy peasy
looks like squares of a knit drapey fabric
stitched down the center
to make a scarf

I may have to check this out
the internet can be a "dangerous" place!

let me know if you have tried this and how you made out
inquiring minds have to know!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

thought process

this was my inspiration for my relaxing robin last round.
I loved the way the simple squares "sparkled"

so I tried it
and I LOVED it
I think Phoebe did too! I had to move her off the quilt top

so I cut and sewed a bunch more
I need to get back in the sewing room
I miss my daily fabric sessions

and Dunkin has let me know that I can not slack
and substitute!
no siree bob
gotta make more little 9 patches and get busy
I want to have the top done before the snow flies
so I can hopefully get er done and use this winter
it will be a lap size
for ME
ok Duns and Phoebes   I will share with you
but not with Daddy.
dont tell him! LOL

remember this stuff?

free kittens

mug rugs

candlemats and table toppers

all packed and priced for the yardsale
getting there.........
still much to do

gotta find my denim and make a money apron
gotta label and pack chairs and tables
gotta finish off some crafts
gotta place an ad
gotta get volunteers to sign up and help

so much to do..........
so little time