Thursday, April 17, 2014

relaxing robin

this is rainbows bunnies and cupcakes relaxing robin. isnt it coming along nicely?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cats on this........

check it out!

I have not been sewing much but hope to after Easter.

Football quilt

saw this on the computer.
how stinkin cute is this??

and it doesnt look too hard

you would put your teams colors in the strips between
and the background

would this make an eyecatching quilt to hang and draw in the crowd?
I think so.
especially in September.......

fellow quilting friend.........
we need to chat

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

mug rug idea

how cute is this little mug rug?
wish I had a similar one for dogs

I may have to get out my drawing pen
and make a pattern

if we made these we could have
some people help by cutting out the patterns

then we could have someone iron on the pieces
then the sewers could stitch them up

I would probably do in Fall colors for a Fall sale

but am liking this idea for sure

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

seeds for mug rugs

some quick sewing of scraps..........see the dog so cute?

love the way he peeks out

these will hopefully make some nice mug rugs
for the yard sale this Fall
cats and dog fabrics
so cute

see the cat?

if I make a few here and there I will be ready for the yard sale........
and hopefully we will make some money for our Association

met a fellow quilter in our Association. we were in Heaven talking about projects we want to make.
quilters are the best!

Monday, April 14, 2014

yay these are mine

today this is what I saw when I came home from work
beautiful daffodils

of course I need to clean the garden
but now that I know where these are, after they bloom hopefully I can relocate
further away from the bush in the center
and then fertilize for next year

these guys are in the back garden

this is the side garden and I have no idea what they are
anyone know? weed or flower?

closeup        still not sure

either cat or squirrel or deer have been
digging holes
probably eating bulbs

a clump of something   not sure what????
anyone know?

vinca vine in bloom. so so cute.
lots of leaves but I have not cleaned the garden yet. 
been trying to see what is there

if you can identify anything here to help me out, let me know.
and thanks in advance  :-)

played in sewing room

I sewed this weekend.
don't get TOO excited. I did NOT work on my relaxing robin.

I played with some 5 inch squares
I cut them in half to make strips
then sewed up a bunch of blue
toned ones
into 3 small lengths
then matched it with some aqua fabric I have had for ages
wanna see?

take one
by the time I set it up and walked away to aim the camera
this is what Dunkin did.......
little buggar

any how
this is kind of what it looks like
I am thinking maybe taking some of the
same kinds of blues and sew some 5 inch 
squares as a border
then figure out how big the aqua needs to be
then a baby quilt
I will have
for a little boy......
maybe for our Fall yard sale in our association
cute, huh?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter time is coming

this is what I did today .......
made 6 Easter baskets for the grandkids.......

didnt they come out good?  most of the contents
are from the dollar store. I was surprised how much I could get there

baskets, clear cellophane, and chocolate bunnies

coloring books, games, kites

fun fun..........
it was gorgeous outside. I should have cleaned up the garden..........
but I wanted to make these up outside so the grass wouldnt be all over the house
or in the cats tummy........dont need THAT bill.........

what did YOU do today?