Tuesday, January 16, 2018

cats and quilts

Phoebe is waving to all my friends in blogland.........

so is DUNKIN   the copy cat lol
of course treats were involved

cats love quilts
and this one is Dunkins
it is just a scrappy string quilt
tied and has been washed a trillion
times and still looks good

and Phoebe picked this quilt when we were 
making them years ago for the nursing home
she took it out of the box THREE times
each time I washed it and put it back
after round three I said ok it is yours girl!

and as you can see she loves it
the vet laughs as she has it in the carrier when 
she goes in for her checkup
spoiled? not MY cats LOL

this is a top I need to find
I had started it as an Easter wallhanging
with Bugs and some eggs on it

love the basket fabric
need to decorate the eggs a little I think

this guy likes baskets
and hiding in them

Dunkin that WAS clean laundry
(stomping foot with folded arms)

and my Phoebe has even enjoyed
a quilt magazine or two
I kid you not
she sees me look at them and then
she stares at them like this
not knowing how to flip the pages

maybe just maybe I can teach her to sew?

Monday, January 15, 2018

I guess I like brights

I guess I really need to clean more
find more of these and order zippers
and put them in the gift box 

And take these and make them to size for wheelchair

see? I have a whole tub of the rows already done
I think the problem was that some on the ends 
go a different way than the others
so I stopped  


this one is lurking too
and is probably a fast top ready to put together
for wheelchair quilts

and did you start the quilt along with Pat
last year?  yeah I did
but when she started with different size
blocks I stopped
I have 4-5 blocks done
so need to make them into something

this was also a day of play
love the butter yellow

and more color play

3 1/2 inch blocks I played with too

and fiddled with blocks from a book just because I can

leftovers from granddaughters quilt
once I added the white I needed less blocks
so now can make them into something too

along with some panels for fun that I need to use up

I think I have my work cut out for me
at least the stuff I am finding is partially done
so hoping to get some fast finishes like the pouches
into the gift box for a good start to the year

Sunday, January 14, 2018

staying cozy and busy

I was gifted some chocolates
this holiday season
in those fancy schmancy tins
I have about 10 or so of them and each one
is fabulous to hold a project together
pattern , pieces and sewn block
keeps me  uh hmmmm
organized haha

I have two that are empty that need 
a UFO project put in
so that I can just grab one and finish it

in the meantime I will be cozy by the fire

knitting away 
this scarf is so so fun   the color changes are fun to see
some are color blocks 
and other sections there is one row only
of a color within the color block

so interesting to keep knitting with it
started out beigy
and now is bluesy
and on the skein next is a rosy color

hoping that it will end on the beigy tone again
we will see

only time will tell once
the scarf is done...........

then into the gift box it will go
are your hands idle?
what are YOU making?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

how do you celebrate Valentines

do you make heart shaped coasters?

or quilt blocks? or a quilt?

do you send flowers?

or make a special mug rug?

or a doll quilt for a granddaughter?

or make a favorite meal?

I am looking for some Valentine ideas for hubs and also
daughter and family.

anyone have some cool projects they do 
or have seen?

Friday, January 12, 2018

I may need to regroup again

remember when we were making these for Colette?
well I need to get out the directions again
and make some for a small quilt top
I love these and they worked up pretty fast
and Valentines is coming up
just sayin..........

found a few more of these hanging around
may add some for the pieced back
and then take the others to make a wheelchair
lap quilt

and these panels are PERFECT to use up
in a wheelchair quilt
center it and pull the colors and make borders
why didn't I think of that before? 
how cute would this be?  for a woman

and how cute for a man?
I think I am seeing a pattern here to clean up
some things

I can combine scraps from our quilt show haul
and make these into the small size needed for the 
wheelchair lap quilts

gotta find this one too
it may be the size I need   
this too was from a day of playing in the 2 1/2
inch squares box 
then I cut up a couple of red fat quarters
for the spacer blocks

what is lurking in YOUR sewing room?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

wouldnt these be cute?

wouldn't these be cute as potholders
for the nieces?

I think I like them
and should make some for little gifties

maybe a pink one for Valentines Day?  
or fav color ones for birthdays?

something to ponder........

I think I would make the 6 inch size and then
add 1 inch borders to make an 8 inch size

Jackie these would be cute for your craft box to sell
just sayin..........

also chickens, strawberries, sheep etc

oh my.............I see a squirrel

but I cant chase it!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

sewing got done a little at a time

gotta find my tin of these
I have some partially done and just need zippers
four of them are done
a pink and red one
a black one
black and pink one
and a beige one
I ordered some zippers to help finish 
some others too

this guy can sleep anywhere I think
he made a batting bed while I sewed LOL

and monkey see monkey do

I was looking for this block
as it is the block I need to send off
but forgot..............


I have 8 to send off so that's ok

what hare YOU made so far in 2018?