Thursday, October 27, 2016

old UFO

see the handsewing?  yeah this is from 2000
and I was teaching a gal from Haiti
to make a quilt
she didnt have a machine
so we had to hand sew

(thats where this pincushion went!) 

anywho I was sewing them up and then
trimming to a 5 inch block I think

I had a plan LOL
even for a border idea
which meant sewing MORE of these

paper templates
so I think that what I have here
will be IT
and maybe borders to bring
it to a lap size
would make a cute medallion type
round robin
we will see.......

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This post is  a somber one. I have just learned that a blog friend lost 6 family members in a fire in GA on Sunday.
I just cant imagine. The parent were in their 20s and the children were 5, 3 and 3 months old.

Here is a link on the details. they have set up a gofund to help pay funeral expenses.


God I ask that you comfort this family and wrap your arms around them in this most difficult time. I also ask that you touch the hearts of others and if they are able to help in any way that they do so in your name.

Things like this make other "problems" in life sure seem trivial.
Hug your family, say you're sorry and never take anything for granted. We never know if today is our last day on Earth.


should get this adorable pillowcase?
I think I have enough to make ONE
but how cute is that?

then again I may need that brown for a border.......

and as I was straightening out fabric
I saw a piece of Julie Rose fabric
that she sent
and couldnt resist
auditioning it next to other fabrics
look how well it goes with that blue
(see how easily I am distracted?)

and also the green

and even some reddish fabric
January is gonna bring some FUN play with these fabrics

Thanks JulieRose

Jacky and I will surely have a lot of fun!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

weekend fun

this past weekend I had some fun
with my crafty niece

she and I carved pumpkins

i got those cheap lights at the dollar store
and had this guy lit up all night

so so cute
had to make a kitty

had to!

and reaped the benefits of some
delicious pumpkins seed snacks for my desk

win win!
do you have any Halloween fun?
we dont get any trick or treaters
and no one drives by so my pumpkins should
be safe
hubs wants to carve his next

I didnt get a picture of nieces but hers was a skull
and came out real scary
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2016

bear in mind

back to the bears.......

not sure I like this
too busy and too many more to make

tried the idea of blocks
with the right colors may work
but again lots of work to make them all
and make them fit

found a cream color fabric
too light but goes with the birch border well

maybe if it is a second border?
the  not so much.

this green wolf fabric may work..........
does it need a darker small border?
like brown or black to frame the inside?
so far I like this one the best
hey Dunks, do you know you are sitting on a 
bears head???? LOL

maybe I should shop the stash and make a coin border?

or half square triangle border?
may be too busy

or even a border with a big block?
still contemplating bear paws blocks

those little circles may work
but I would have to make many more of them

or maybe some bear paw blocks? 
or even the paw border from this quilt along

what to do?  so many choices
I guess I need to make some of each
and see if it brings it to the size 
I want 
and if I like it 

this was SUPPOSED to be an EASY panel quilt!
so much for THAT theory!

found it

Dunkin helped me find it
I was looking in the FABRIC section
but it was in the PROJECT section

silly me
anywho. this is the bear panel I want to
do for my Dad
I pulled a brown for border
but am not thrilled
am I having border issues???
(wheres Trump when you need him LOL)

I tried green in between
not liking that either

I dont have any black until I get
the deer all done as there are 3
quilts so not sure what the next plan
for this will be............

Dunkin is also trying to figure it out
do I need a bright yellow
to mimic the birch leaves?
I wanted to get it bordered and quilted
as there will be minimal piecing on it
just a panel with border(s)
will have to keep looking I guess

but like the fact that my bins are by color and accessible

so accessible that I found this little piece
left over from last year 
and decided to make a mug rug

while I played , I played with the quilting too
just because I can LOL

have a second one too and then will bind them both
at the same time.
love it!

linking up with Beth
of love laugh quilt

what are YOU making?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

what I can show you.......

so far the Christmas list is getting checked off
made this cat mat.........

and this one.......

made some dishcloths for myself.
hey someone has to stuff my stocking, right?

took a Halloween break and made and mailed some out

made one runner with leftover blades

Dunkin went shopping..
yeah thats was Dunkin
that bought this for Mom

found more dresdan blades and made this little
runner up

and made some pillowcases

now onto the bear, and the deer