Monday, January 26, 2015

May flowers

this is the May centerpiece

here look closer
see that texture????

let me show you the back.......
I am no prize quilter by any means
but I am proud of this one

I meandered around it
easier to see on the plain back

trying to photograph it is not easy
this is closer to the color.
it is a fabric that reminds me of the old fashioned
roasting pans with the dots of color in it

it is old fabric that was in my stash
no idea when I got it

but I am loving it
On to the next one!!!! LOL

Sunday, January 25, 2015

April is done

this is the April centerpiece......


Did you hear ME??????


I am so so happy..........
this has been a fun project to do
and I am kind of sad to know the end of the 
kite centerpieces is coming......

oh my i have more than I thought

here is another little lap quilt
this must have been from the year I was 
trying to make a few for the nursing home
it is a stripe that I like but a denim weight
maybe I need a denim back with no batting?
we will see
this too is just a small lap size
and I would like to finish it up
Dunkin agrees
hmmmm.......could he be a "two quilt cat"?????

I DID find a piece of batting to fit the other one so the three parts are together in the pile for the
next projects to try to finish

maybe there is something to this thing called "organization"


Saturday, January 24, 2015

a top for a guy

found this to in the quilting things
It is very long and narrow
if I can find the right fabric I am 
thinking I need to add wide sides and make it 
a finish
it was made of duck panels
and has a shiny blue fabric
and green scaly print fabric
not even sure but feels like a little poly may be in there
if I quilt it again with straight lines real close
maybe, just maybe I can get another finish

see the duck?  it has other colors I can bring out too
like a brown
or another shade of blue or green
he is also in the lineup if I can find appropriate
fabric for the sides and back
if not, he may get chopped into something smaller
like totes?  we will see 
I want a finish!

Friday, January 23, 2015

getting things in order

here is the quilt top I gave you a sneak peek at the other day
just a small quilt out of squares I had at the time
so pretty though in old fashioned fabrics
callicos and florals

this is what I found old fashioned looking for the back.
now it can go on the list for quilting
I am thinking straight line maybe the long way
and then I will hunt for a blue binding once that is done
I think it makes a cute little drag around quilt or
keep my legs warm quilt

hoping this one will see a finish this year!
maybe, just maybe if I organize myself and my time.....
you think???? LOL

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mom why did you wake me up?

this little sleepy head was not happy I snapped her picture.
Why did you wake me up Mom?
Well Phoebe, it is like this. Dunkin has been helping Mom 
find things in the sewing room and I just thought
MAYBE you would like to help too.

oooooo........  good find Phoebe. I want to finish some of these purses in Feb.
I had forgotten that I had sewn some blue squares for a blue one
gotta find a coordinate for the bottom and handles............
that should be easy in blue........It is all over the place as it is my fav color

aw.........a remaining square of deer fabric........I thought I had used it all up
what to do with it? maybe in an eye spy ?

check out my completed journal. each year I write down projects I have completed.
it helps me to see how much I have done
Lookie so far!!!!!
and it is only a little past the middle of the month. 
YAY me!!!!!

we will see if I can accomplish my goal of getting all ten kite centerpieces done in Jan......
thanks for helping me can go back to sleep now.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

found some patterns

how cute is that little one dragging the quilt?
and I like this bag
when I looked a the instructions this is what it says:

ut oh..........I cant buy another template. I will have to see if my dresdan wedge
ruler will do
not sure of the angle it needs
but a cute bag for some of my scraps I think.
we will see.
Maybe if I kit up some things like cut fabric and patterns
then when I want to start a new project I can grab and go..........
hmmmmm now there is a thought........
naw..........sounds too organized for me! lol