Thursday, May 5, 2016

365 circles for April

I got caught up with Aprils circles
but I still need to sew the rows together
here they are for the second half of the front of the quilt
funny how many colors go with orange! LOL

a closeup of some of them
love the glasses Julie! I will think of you
when I see this circle..........
and some from my other friends as well
Collette and Jackie

this guy is FINALLY done.
it is a table topper
and I love it

I just quilted it straight (ish) lines
for a quick finish

and because I was doing marathon strip sewing
for the piano key borders
I was left with a pretty big strip
now I am thinking to cut up some other
colors like the oranges, blues etc
and make same size strips for a lap
quilt in rainbow colors
for these I just cut a 5 inch square in half
so it would not use a ton of squares
but I think it would make a cute
coin type quilt top

(there I go planning yet ANOTHER project )
we will see
maybe it will be a leader ender thing

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

no time for sleeping

my friend who quilts gave me another challenge
I have the same two tomato plants as her hubs
and the challenge is to see who gets tomatoes
first and best

now THAT is a lot of pressure for this ole farm girl
you know?

I sent her the copy of the pic above and said
I have tomatoes already.
(such a white lie) LOL

but once I get settled with hubs and
get things done round here
I will plant them in containers 
and get busy babying them

maybe I will be able to find time to sit on the patio

last years tomato was cute
we will see how I do

wish me luck guys!

hubs is home so now to get appointments scheduled
and things back on track

hopefully I can still blog daily
need some quilty fun too!

working while I wait

as I wait for hubs to come home I decided to 
do a little project I have been waiting to get done
I had a ton of cookbooks and hardly use any of them
much anymore
this is the "after" LOL
BUT it feels good to get the rest cleared out
and I will do another pass at it later on in the year
for now it is neater and less cluttered

I also pulled out this to find a backing so I can batt it
and quilt it up

my blueberries have come back up
so now I can empty the other containers
and refill with fresh soil
(I hadnt marked them and they die down so 
didnt know which ones I could throw out)

so cute
I am hoping I get at least one little blueberry this year
gotta research how to feed them
and make them nice and strong
what are you up to today?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

rainy day walk

I took a walk in  my yard as I wait to hear
news about hubs. he says he is coming home
today so I am waiting at home to hear
these little solar lights are so darned cute.
Rite Aid has a 50% off sale so I got 8 of them
for 15.00
and the other night after I installed them into the ground
I could not wait to see them light up
so so cute and helpful when coming home in the dark

and when I was looking at them I noticed I have some phlox
on one side of the tree
last year it didnt do anything
but a couple little places it is up and looking good

and I saw some tulips in between the daffy greens
(note to self you really should deadhead before taking pics LOL)

another little tulip so cute

and last year I put the wayward violets and 
grape hyacinth under here
this year I planted hosta and astilbe under here
we will see how they do
I just want a cover so the birdseed wont
look as messy here

the back garden has more jonquils and daffys
and looks like bleeding heart came back
after the great tree felling

so so cute.
Hi Aunt Jessie!

I still have not found a suitable elephant for back here
Maybe I need to find an elephant and a 
strawberry LOL
this is my back shady garden so not too sure
how I will plant it yet

one garden at a time I guess right?
each year I add more and more until hopefully
the perennials come up on their own
and fill in nicely

kinda rainy and dreary here today but thats ok
God gave me a little sunshine in my walk around the yard

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May day May day

today this crazy son of mine will go with me
to see hubs
we will bring him some things like jogging pants and 
comfy tees so he doesnt have to live in 
a johnny

my girlfriend last night came over and we sewed
some chickens from Lori's Bee in a bonnet
we took a road trip to Joannes
and I got the book with the patterns I 
have seen and liked
so we will share

I am trying to clean up some scraps too
and make them into something

and have only one pair of pants left to hem

so far May is shaping up nicely
by 8am I had two loads of laundry done
and some garlic chicken baked
now to get dressed and then make a
ravioli lasagna
then supper will be a heat er upper LOL

feel like picking flowers and putting them 
on someones door and running
ever do that as a kid on May 1st?
hope you have a great May day!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April came and went

April seems like it came and went so fast.
it can't be because I am older, right? LOL
I didnt get as much accomplished as I wanted
but looking over the list I guess  I made good progress
this little strawberry was a happy diversion a friend
gave to me to cheer me up
I love it! so so cute
I think I will make it into a hotpad
it reminds me of my Aunt who wanted us to
have the reunion. she passed away so hoping
she can be with us in spirit on that day

this purple table topper is quilted ready for binding. 
maybe I can do that today

I spent a lot of the end of the month
consoling the cats who are missing Daddy
BIG time!  they are bickering more
and fighting over who gets to sleep on his side
or in his chair

I organized a few things for the reunion
got one box packed and another started

finished up the piggy banks of felt
and some wish bracelets

and chapstick keychains

planted some pansies and hyacinths
just for some color
the dark drab was getting depressing for sure

these two UFO blocks also became table toppers
and are in the box
dont mind the picture. the top one was pinned
as I had to stitch down the binding
it is purty now!

I worked a little on my oranges and will 
try and catch up for the month
I think I am a week behind so not too bad

gave hugs to this guys a lot
and also dealt with the contractor from hell
this month

finished this washcloth up but didnt take a finished picture
3 more to go

all the piggy banks laid out before finishing

this project never got touched so hoping I can find
my batting soon (or replenish)
and get a set of 4 placemats done for the reunion

and these need to be hemmed
so as soon as I get off this computer...........LOL

April was productive but not as much as I would have liked
I guess that song is true

"You can't always get what you want......."
but I can surely try!
How was your April?
Did you meet your goals?

33 years

I had my hair done to make me feel more human
she did a good job
wash and wear.......YAY

right now this guy is getting lots of help medically
but we will celebrate 33 years together today

amazing how fast 33 years goes by..........
Love you honey!
I would do another 33 years
no problem