Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jacky and some farm adventures

Jacky was gifted the cow fabric from me
it was used long ago in some cute
baby bibs
and she mentioned she liked the cows

fast forward about a year
during one of my "five finger discount" days
at her house I acquired a bag of scraps
and these fussy cut cows and checks were in them

so I sat down and sewed them up

found a black and white back
and made a cute little topper

can you see the quilting any better? I just went quarter inch
around all points

cute cute cute

so I gifted it back to her...........
because Jacky would like it
and I like Jacky.........

besides after my beautiful gifts from 
my quilty friends lately
I felt I had to pay it forward

(got anything else cut up Jacky?)
I'll take it........just sayin...........

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look at her adorable giraffe quilts!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I am such a lucky gal

I have the BEST quilting friends........
and blogging buddies

lookie what JulieRose
made for me   
an ADORABLE runner
with kitties reclining in chairs

and butterflies to tempt them
yep these are the same butterflies
she has been blogging about

lookie how pretty and all that work she put in
just for me

I am a lucky gal!
thanks so so much Julie

I LOVE it and it is already on my table
Dunks is checking out the sofa
chairs to see which one he may like LOL


Monday, July 24, 2017

another fun adventure

Jacky and I have been working  on the fall 
orange slab project  
so lots of meetings at her house 
and sewing sessions and show and tell lol

the other night after one of the sessions, I came home
with a new Dresden template and made this
(I know its not orange silly- I cant reveal the secret
till its time)

couldnt find a back so sewed up these
kites that she had cut and gifted to me
so springy

the next morning found me working diligently
on my deer quilt- (yeah right)

I cut out some blue blades
and stitched them up

found a back and finished it

so I had to make another........
they are like potato chips I tell ya!

make sure you are saving your orange scraps
and you can even make some slabs so that you can 
be ahead of the game

our little project will be 
a no stress project~
you will want to get in on the fun
trust me

we will be doing this:

1) collect orange scraps   if you are short on some
call in your quilty friends to enhance the pile

2) taking oranges to yellow oranges and making slabs
dont worry- this time YOU will keep the slabs- if you want to add
browns thats ok. it is your project

we will be exchanging the pumpkin recipes that you 
have been finding and saving
I will try and make a file that we can all read
or will retype them on the blog for all to have
LOVE pumpkin and recipes made with it

Here is a quick one for ya
when I did weight watchers years ago the lady
that ran it used to come up with these weird recipes
that were awesome

take one can PUMPKIN  (not pie filling)
and one spice cake box
that is IT
mix just the two of them together
no eggs or anything else - ignore the box directions
batter will be a little stiff  you could add a tsp water if too stiff
make into a loaf, or muffins
for some pumpkin spice fun
you could make a cake too!
no added oil (fat) 
and quick and good........
bake till done. may take a little longer
as the pumpkin is wet but check

can "frost" with lite cool whip if desired. 
I like them plain as muffins.
the pumpkin adds fiber and vitamin A
there  you recipe already!
and you may even have the ingredients on hand

breakfast anyone?

oh and by the way,,,,,,,if you dont have spice cake mix
not to worry
use chocolate for an easy fudgy brownie like treat
or chocolate muffins

use yellow cake too.......try it and see
one of my favs was the choc cake mix and made like brownies in 
a brownie pan
top with Edys lower fat and sugar ice cream
that has like 80 cal per half cup
brownie sundae!  I KID YOU NOT

(you're welcome)

3) Jacky and I each week will show you what we
are doing with our orange slabs and we
will share how we did those projects
so you can make one or all of them
your choice.........
you have the month of Aug and Sept to finish
and reveals will be Oct 1
(I will see if I can do a linky thing so we can all see)

I am looking into a giveaway too
just sayin..........

collect those orange scraps
look up your favorite pumpkin recipe and send it off to me so I 
can put it on the blog
and make sure you make something with  your
orange slabs and show it off on Oct 1st

as we get further into it I will have more details.

what cha say?
you in????

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

farmgirl vintage update

this is Jeannas house.
love the red and turquoise!

Jeannas cherries   
be still my red bandana 
how fun!

her cute little sheep

and her pinwheels

Jacky was a little busy too.......

isnt she so "artsy pants"? 
when I went to get the pics she had
the farmgirl table all set up
(yeah she is trying to make me take
better pics-------I am a no frills kinda gal LOL)

anywho here is her cute flags.......
she is making lots of potholder sets of the blocks
and they are so darned cute

AND she EVEN tried to sneak in 
something I MADE as hers

love that girl!

Rheema caught up on hers too

how cute it this basket?


love her flag!



look at the truck in the star center!

I on the other hand..........

was a slacker

but I will try and catch up 
before the end of the month
we will have to choose
the block for August

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Does this look like my Dunks?

I was blog hopping
you know how that goes right?
I will JUST look over here at the Christmas in July
thingy and 3 hrs later you dont know
how the heck  you got where you are
but you dont want to leave the site
because there are things so interesting.........



especially when I found out the CAT part is an applique
I KNOW..........I was thinking I was 
gonna have to piece all those parts

so I googled the name of it
Meow or never kit
and Nancys Notions had it cheaper by 30 bucks!

so I ordered it

Dunkin wanted me is my Christmas gift
from him to me

yep into the gift box it goes
outta sight outta mind till Jan


Friday, July 21, 2017

long story........but a lot done

dont criticize these pics
the pouches are NOT wonky
I have to hand stitch the binding down and the pins
are making it this way

On Monday hubs had to go to the 
day surgery for a procedure to see if
his lungs are the cause of his coughing up blood
yeah I know.......not a pretty visual

the process involved him being put under
and a camera down his throat to take a culture
from the lungs and to see if anything
there needs attention

so I was to wait in the waiting room and while I wait I keep
my hands busy

well first they call and ask if 7:30 am is ok
no problem.........actually maybe I could
go back to work right?

then said hospital would confirm time
well Fri by 3pm no call from them so hubs called 
to make sure we were all on the same page was rescheduled to noon!
ok fine. we asked what time to get there
the answer was noon

so I am puttering in my room getting as many of these
pouches quilted up and bound so I can handsew 
the binding on figuring I will get a bunch of things done
and in the gift box. we are waiting and I am sewing
we get ANOTHER call from them
this time a "where are you" call

HUH? YOU SAID NOON!  and it is only 11
they said no you were supposed to be here at 10:30
so we rush to get there
and I pack my bag for the waiting room with
what I had done so far

packed the projects
pincushion with the needle

but wait! is there any thread in the bag?
ha ha.........NOPE

so someone was with me and knew I 
would do something silly 
as the bottom of the bag had my knitting dishcloths
so I worked on a dishcloth instead

talk about a crazy day!

anywho, the bindings of these will get stitched
one by one in the am
during the week or weekend
and I will have more pouches and a mug rug done 
for my box

seems like the older I get the crazier things are


cant get good help these days at all!
I was nervous to say the least leaving him to 
have the procedure with all that mixup

but the dr came out half hour later and said
it all looked good
and he thinks it is not his lungs where the blood is 
but instead his nose so that is a good thing

we breathe a sigh of relief and use a 
nasal gel to minimize the problem and 
see what the next step will be

so judge me not for my wonky pics
but I wanted to show  you my projects in process
ps hubs thanks each and every one of you for his birthday 

you see he turned 66 and the day before had a dr apt
then on Monday had that procedure
then on Tues had a procedure on his hands
and thurs therapy on his hands
so this was NOT the greatest of
birthday weeks so to speak

thanks for helping to make his SUNDAY
more special

he LOVES hearing what  you girls have to say!
and NO Colette I DID NOT make a
porkrind cake! LOL

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dresdan sunflower thingy

I was playing in my room
I was SUPPOSED to be cleaning up and was in the 
drawer of the desk and found a template

you all KNOW how much I love dresdans!
well this template had no directions but it had
the pretty rounded top
and I had seen a cute topper or mugrug
depending on the size so I started cutting

I started with the "ugly" big flower leaf print
I was thinking hmmmm..........
maybe this will be something
and then added Fall colors

I then sewed them together as I had cut 2
of each petal
I needed to know how many to do
and I had cut 4 too many

thats ok for another day of play right?

once I had it sewn I LOVED it
the ugly wasnt so ugly anymore
and it screamed FALL
and sunflower to me

so I found a dark brown print for the back 
and had just enough of it left to make
the center as well

SUNFLOWER table topper was born!

Jacky liked it too
she tried to take it home when she was here
but I distracted her with a bag of scraps
and sent her on her way.........

I see more of these in my future........

just sayin........

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