Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday morning in the sewing room

This guy ran ahead of me to the sewing room
And this is what I see ... hey Mom lets work on this!

But I had other ideas
After all he was sitting on it
A little hard to wrangle a cat
Under my 221. Hee hee

So then I look and see
My eggs hanging around
And I sewed them to my
Dryer sheets to make it
Easier to turn them for applique

Yep these will work

Ok now we are joined by 
Another nosy cat
She looks away....what
She CANT mean ME!

ONE looking out at the neighbors
And one keeping her eye on me
Dont cha love those tails?

So in my defense I HAD
to work on this
They sat on my other projects
(thats my story Colette and I am stickin to it)

What is going on in your sewing room?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Snow and maybe more coming

This was the storm we had
After two days of shovelling
Ugh. I didny know i had some
Of these muscles till they hurt

My rose of sharon that is 
Normally taller than my house

My lilac bush

This tree losta huge branch
That came 3 feet away from my propane tanks and house

It was one way up there on this old tree

My snow laden red japanese maple

More snow

My close call

And maybe more on the way
Where are you Sprimg?

Friday, March 16, 2018

What would you work on

Hmmm. This tote bag needs to be done 

This binding needs to be 
Put on

Yeah on this cutie
Table topper 

But wait.........
I saw some Easter fabric
In the bin
And Easter is early
And a little runner
With a few eggs 
And this border

That is how ufos stay ufo s
Did you say squirrel Colette ? 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lots done

I decided to check out
My gift box and see
How I was doing
Tissue holders

Zippy bags

And more zippy bags. So far not too bad for
Finishing up UFO projects

Hmmm........what shall I
Do next?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What kind of gifts are useful to you

Taking a poll here 
What kind of gifts are useful to you?
Journal covers or pillows?
Looking for ideas.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sets can be different right?

I like this as a set
For a gift

Once the green 
Bag is done Maybe I 
Can fill it with green things
Like a scarf 

That means this needs
To be finished
I am thinking this may
Be the year of the tote 
It is economical wrapping
It is useful
And the gifts can coordinate
To the bags...
Maybe the cat will be a bag too 
Time will tell

Monday, March 12, 2018

Get on the ufo train

When looking in my closet I found 
This ufo    a ribbed scarf I had
I will have to add a row here
And there and get er done

And these green tote beginnings
Are begging to be done
Pulled fabric for the lining and
Will see how it goes

This blue leaf (what was I thinking)
Is sitting there too
I may put it into a kitchen sink quilt 
Using  Up some ufo blocks
That one hasnt spoken to me yet

More yarn stash

And cute bunnies to remind me
Spring is close and time
Is a ticking
If I finish more little projects
For the gift box it will make
Me want to forge on to
Finish the tough ones
So far this year I have done....

9 zippy bags
6 kleenex holders
A tote bag
Numerous mug rugs
A pink yellow and green kite topper
A blue and yellow card trick topper
A pumpkin topper
And various projects moved along
Dishcloths, scarves and just quilt parts 
When I write them in my journal it 
Helps me realize I am being
Productive and makes me want to
Tackle the bigger projects.
How do you get motivated?
Is it the fabric? The deadline?
Little tricks you play on yourself?
Inquiring minds want to know