Tuesday, November 25, 2014

relaxing robin non progress LOL

Yes I know Phoebe......I have not even sewn a little 9 patch on this .......and I so love this border
so many projects........all with a timeline

and this fun one is starting out nicely
the biggest challenge on this one will be the ends
will I have to cut off parts?
add pieces to make it fit?
will they go all wonky on me?

I know that Lynne of never too hot to stitch 
is playing along with a UFO of hers

check out how hers is coming along.............
you playing with us?????
show us your progress!
we wanna see!

thankful for UFOs

I am thankful for UFO projects

that I can pick up and sew on here and there

in the cold winter months

and I sure have been blessed. I have TONS of UFOs

Monday, November 24, 2014

do you have different hobbies too?

I love to quilt and I love to knit..............

and crochet..........

and do thread crochet

and sew...........sorry for the blur   gotta try and make some of these teacup zip pouches
for some friends in the park. they take their teabags with them to play cards
and this would be handy to bring them in

I like to craft with salt dough too........
I need to make some ornaments soon!

before more of this flies from the sky

knit  last year out of some pretty yarn

and gifted for warmth
love that I have lots of hobbies to keep this crazy mind busy!

thankful for good sales

these tees were only .69 on sale after the summer

and helped me make these.........

and these........lovin it........

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas for me

I need to find these blocks

and see why they stalled

I love them.....they are so Christmassy

if I remember right a friend and I were making
these to make ourselves a Christmas lap quilt

we would alternate picking out the pattern and sharing with the other one
and using similar stash to make them
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. wish I had more of these fabrics
I think I only had a fat quarter or pieces of some

but I need to find these
make them all the same size
and then make them into a flimsy

thankful for the changing seasons

I am thankful for the changing seasons
even though I do not want to see this scene anytime soon......

give me my tomato growing season. LOVE a fresh one
always next year

Saturday, November 22, 2014

off to get beautiful

have an appointment at the hairdressers
I dont know WHY she cant make me look like THIS!!!!!!!!
lets just say she does her best...........and I love her for trying
after all, I KNOW I am still this young right?????

anywho, lots of prep going on to get ready for turkey day.
yard cleaning, house rug shampooing, finding all the doodads and gadgets to make the dinner
fixing easier
sprucing up this old body so I dont look TOO scary LOL

I need to find someone with a chainsaw who can make me some of these
out of birch
I would LOVE to woodburn some snowflake designs on them
how cute are they?
what are YOU doing to get ready for the BIG day?