Saturday, May 23, 2015

look Julie some clematis vines!

lookie at my clematis vines!
I am so so happy
they are shooting up
whoot whoot!  check it out JulieRose !!!!

and something I planted on the side maybe glads?
they are up (among the weeds)

and I THINK this is a wayward lettuce from last year
growing alongside the blueberry bush
too funny

my bleeding heart bush came back after that tree last year fell on it
I am happy about that!
Hi Aunt Jessie! this represents my Grams sister
she was in another state and was my penpal 
when I was a kid
I sure enjoyed getting letters from her
and she would include a pressed bleeding heart flower
so this is in my memory garden for her

this is the front garden under that huge red maple
the sedum on the left always looks nice
Maybe I should try and make more of them
they turn pink in the Fall

anyone know what this silver creeping thing is?
it is pretty and spreads
but I am not sure what it is

and lookie here! my Iris is getting ready
love them!  they were so huge and pretty last year

gotta find something to put in the wishing well Dad made me.
the bottom is so small and hard to put any kind of container in there
even sideways
I had a tiny 6 inch pot and it would not fit
I wanted something pretty and cascading
like cascading petunias or something like that
we will see
you know the saying..........
necessity is the mother of invention

Friday, May 22, 2015

do you use patterns or make your own style

I was just wondering how many of you follow
patterns and how many of you wing it on your own
this is my relaxing robin which is my winging it
I really love it and need to get back to making my
little nine patch blocks for the border
I want to see how big it will make it
then decide on what to do next to finish it

this little guy was a wing it also
just simple coins
make strips and put fabric
in between and border

these two things were patterns from the internet

this cute leaf I love and  I saw the picture inspiration
and then winged it
hmmmmmm  I think there is a pattern here
or is there? LOL

this was a template so I guess pattern 

this was a wing it from strips I had sewn and paired with border fabric

this was also a wing it from playing at my sewing buddys house
she was throwing out the floral fabric so I took home those pieces
and made her a zippy bag
I used my then new tumbler (from Missouri Star)
and cut the two of them
bordered it in brown and made a strip
then paired the stripe in the fabric with a strip of pink and gold
and then a green border
the pink zipper and then it was done
she loved it!

Do you use patterns? Do you wing it?  do both?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

what I do at 3am these days

ever wonder why it seems I get no quilting done?
let me tell you a little story

Once upon a time two friends picked rhubarb
and there were bags and bags and bags of it!

some was given to a friend to make jam,
some strawberry rhubarb jam was made
and it was delish!

and there are bags of rhubarb in the freezer
for a later date
but what to do, what to do with the rest?

so at 3 am 
(yes that is when I get the BEST ideas, dont you)

I decided to get up and make some rhubarb muffins

and ooooooooooooo
glad I did

they are yummy!

anyone coming over for breakfast?
I'll put on a pot of coffee!

things that go bump in the night

our property abuts the woods
and there are many critters that probably wonder why 
we are in their space
we have cute little chipmunks

very large turkeys,
deer , woodchucks and these are only the ones we have seen

the other night I was scared with a loud bang
coming from outside in our screen room

not sure if it was a roaming cat
or skunk
or fox
or what
but I HATE things that go bump in the night!

shouldnt scare us seniors like that! LOL

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

um a little help here yoohoo

this is my car
yeah  SPRING 
and red maples
not a good combo
this is wet and like a paste of red maple leaves on my car

this is the offender
the tree that is pretty but that is too big and
we will eventually need to take down
it is lifting the driveway too
just for fun

see?  RED everywhere! ughhhhhhh
I dont have ENOUGH to do, RIGHT?????
a little help here would be appreciated........

but this is what I get..........and when I try to wake him.....

he just repositions
do I have to do EVERYTHING????
I guess so.......


do you Missouri Star?

I love Missouri Star and Jenny
she is so real like most of us
she has some fabulous buys on her site
I go there daily for the "daily deal"

this was one of them
the glue stick AND the rotary blade for .99

you KNOW I had to get it 
it will be fun when I play with the mini kites to make
a nosegay type pattern

speaking of kites I need to cut out more of these in everyday colors 
for my niece
it may make a cute tuck in for part of her Christmas gift
she loves to cook and I am thinking of asking
her sis if she needs any pans etc
or cook book
then I will make one of these and some matching
potholders to tuck in with it
all kinds of good ideas around
I know the girls LOVED it when I gave them some of my Moms
old fashioned cookie cutters. I let them choose
as I had ten and five nieces so they got 2 a piece

I also saw another neat idea
through Spoonflower you make a fabric
using images of your own recipes
(I was thinking my moms in her handwriting)
and then out of the linen printed fabric yardage you make
dish towels
how cool is that?
you pay like $20 a yard that sounds high
but when you cut that into 4 dishcloths that are special
$5 a piece for that doesn't seem so bad
I was thinking of doing that for the nieces
and for sis in law and myself from
some of my moms handwritten recipes and maybe
my aunts recipes as well
so many ideas...........not enough hours in a day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I get by with a little help from my friends

Friday night a friend and I met to sew and have fun
I brought over some fat quarters and scraps and a
free pattern that I had gotten from Missouri Star Quilt 
You cant see very well here but this pouch is all gathered
top and bottom of the red strip
the pattern also calls for buttons which I forgot to bring
they are used on the band as decoration

the red doesnt exactly match the red in the print
but I think it goes
I pulled a blue for the bottom and lining

essentially we cut strips 4 1/2 wide by 16 ish and
sewed them together
then we cut the accent strip 3 x 10 ish
we gathered the strips we sewed until they fit the 10 inch one
then we turned under the edges of the band and stitched it on

it was  little fiddly and I think the pattern could have
been written better but because we both sew we plowed through
until we each had a bag done
Hers was a pretty soft green and pink and I didn't get pics

a fun night and another bag for the box!

what are YOU making today?