Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jackys blog

Fooled ya
No she doesn't have one yet
But.... we will use this post as hers

This cute Halloween quilt is what she was working on

How adorable is that?

And for giggles she made some doll diapers
And burp cloths

I looked for spiders the whole time I was there
Yeah......none to be found 

We spent a little time checking out some
Projects that we both want to do
Soon .......if we can ever get together
We live so close......
But so far.....

Monday, August 13, 2018

Inquiring minds wanna know

How wide do you cut your bindings?
Do you cut straight or on bias?
Do you save your little pieces?

I cut mine straight and 2.5 inches
And I save the bits
And join them to make a scrappy longer binding
If the strips become too small
I cut them into 2.5 squares
And put in my bin

Works for this gal
And you? 

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Well almost
These are made alike only 
One in reds and one in blues
They will become runners
Once I find backings for both 
Then I will quilt them one 
And bind them another 

Love easy projects that are almost done

What are you working on?

Saturday, August 11, 2018


So far in 2 weeks these are done...

So cute

Ready for next Easter

Gifted to a 7 year old fighting cancer

Know any deer lovers???
Hey I had to have a backup
I am a realist 
Right ladies?

And this one

And this ........
Feels good to be back at the machine

This was a fun challenge
Those little 9 patches came from
Lisa Boyer all the way from Ca to Ma.
I kept playing with black fabrics
Then dots to try and see if it would speak to me.
Because I am a blue person  I pulled that
And the orange just fell in place
And it spoke.......
So fun working in others colors and fabrics.
I am dancing around my sewing room
Spidey leg and all 
Doing the happy to be done dance

Workin on some secret projects too.
Dont cha hate that?
Why tell ya right?
Because I can........
Hee hee 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Can i get a 48 hr day please

I want to tie this one and
Get er done
Just a small quilt to warm your legs

These are not painted yet
Know anyone who gets altoids?
Send me the empty tins if you do

Cause these fit perfectly

The bin is to the top
That is a good sign
I will show you more finishes soon

Working on some secret sewing at the moment
Lots going on but even when finished
They will stay under wraps for a bit

Dont cha hate that? Lol
But the red borders are on the red runner
Now to cut batt and back..........
Will probably do blue at same time

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Its fall y'all

Well not really
But here in my sewing room it is

Found this panel that is
Also perfect for the niece
For her couch

I may need to slab some pumpkins

Looks cute
Maybe some maple leaf blocks
Just a little snuggle lap quilt

Or maybe take some ufo blocks
And try and make them work

There surely are tons of things
I could add to make this bigger

Maple leaf blocks
Pumpkin slabs
A combination of them
Now the question is
Border all around?
Just one side?
I want the panel to shine as it 
Says it all about Fall

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

In line to be next

Remember this?
It was stalled because i didnt have a batik back
But I do have muslin and that will work too

These are the placemats

Each one is different

The color on this photo is off because of the sun. It is the same as the rest

But how pretty are they
Not sure where this panel came from
But loving it for the niece.
They all are different but have the same green borders

And how perfect is my matching stash
Now I want some tea and pumpkin pie!