Sunday, December 17, 2017

maybe these would make good lapquilts

I petered out after about a year
doing the 365 circle a day quilt
I used the RSC colors of that year
for the background colors too
so that I could keep the months straight
if I remember right it was going to be
WAY too large so I was going to put half a year
on the front and half on the back
but..........the months didnt always start on the same
day of the week so the colors mingled
and I didnt like it

MAYBE I can unsew some and make 6 wheelchair quilts
heck they would be just about done 
borders  back  quilt and bind

I would LOVE to play with this pattern 
I had gotten
I LOVE the hedgehog he is so cute
and the fox too 
heck who am I kidding I love them all
I could make a cute wheelchair quilt
out of this too

and dresdan.
I like the starburst in the center
how fun to make this too!

and remember a few years back
I BOUGHT someone ELSES UFO blocks?

yeah I plead temporary insanity
BUT they too would work up
rather quickly into wheelchair quilts

food for thought for sure..........

Saturday, December 16, 2017

my nieces

this is Andrea
she is a spitfire like my baby brother her Dad
love her to bits

she wanted one of these for Christmas
and a ponytail hat
you know with a hole for your ponytail?
ever see those?
 I guess they are very popular right now
among the girls

this is Alicia
my sewing buddy

and the doxie pillow is for her

this is Kayla
the niece that got married

she is getting the canvas pic for her new home

Emily is the youngest niece  2nd from left
she is the nail polish gal

and Brittany is the 2nd from the right
she is Alicias sister and loves flavored coffees

Andrea (Kays sis), Emily, Dad, Kayla,Brit, and Alicia

my favorite girls to hang with!

we had no nephews,just nieces
and then Landon
the great nephew

he is such a ham but a good kid
loves to work and wont take money
(what kid does THAT)
he says Auntie I am helping you
and I dont want money for that.

love that boy!
this snowstorm he told his Mom 
he had to sleep over his Grandmother and Grandfathers
so he could help them
he says Mom you know Vovo and Voo
cant do it
(Portuguese for Gram and Gramp)
they are too old and I wanna help

he is only seven
like his other Grandmother says
I think Landon is an old soul
what seven year old thinks
of their great grandparents and shoveling snow?

Friday, December 15, 2017

I think I need to live till I am 100

this pretty one I lost the beginning parts
hope they didnt get wrapped
with a gift!
when they show up I will try and finish this
I love this one

wouldnt this make a gorgeous quilt
in the center with some
greens and reds around it?

this bucket is still full of yarn
I guess the coming winter I will be knitting a lot

and I never found a use yet for this little piece

I have to try to make this
I think the youngest niece would go nuts
over it
and it doesnt look too hard to me
( until I start to make it right?)

be still my red truck
I gotta make me one
to go with my red truck coffee cup
oh I didnt tell you?
yeah.........and red truck new rug
and potholders and kitchen towels
my new love

these are the directions for part 3
I should get busy with it

and get some done

do you want to join me in living till you are 100?
maybe THEN I can use up all this fabric
and make all the UFOs into something
who am I kidding. 100?
more like 1000 ha ha

Thursday, December 14, 2017

do these two things go together?

I have this panel

she loved this quilt


do these two things go together????
I need to improvise as I dont have the coordinating fabs

Jacky dont look!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

since we are on a quilt parade....

this one should get finished for my daughter
she misses the ocean up here
as in TN she is not near any water
and loves the beach
this one just needs more border slabs
and a backing

a closeup.......... seashells and starfish

I should make some of these for next year
how cute and fun
instead of a mugrug I would like
to make placemat sets
how fun

brother is not able to make me my feeder this year
he is being checked for heart issues
please pray that it isnt anything serious
he has been dizzy for a bit
and worries me.
he is my "bear" brother

these never got made either
I guess I just bit off more than I can chew huh
oh well
she will like the wine anyways

this didnt get made but I am hoping I can
sneak it in as a pillow

I love this to go with my red coffee cup
so Fallish and cute

these never got made either
but I love them and they will have to 
be on the 2018 list as well

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

regrouping for 2018

this nail polish quilt never got made
maybe this was to be for a new year

I need to keep this in mind.

this is that quilt along I was working on
I hope I saved the directions so that I 
can finish it
I dont even remember now what site it was on
all that was on the computer that crashed. ugh........

and somewhere in my stash I have one of these
cut out and partially sewn
for my machine in blues
I just need to find it and FINISH it
isnt that awful how we put ourselves last?
sometimes it is good
sometimes we need to move up on the listing.

do you have plans yet for 2018?
or are you still in 2017 making finishes

Monday, December 11, 2017

planning ahead

no I am NOT finished with this years gifts
this computer issue and going thru old pics
has made me want to plan ahead a little better
and I have some HST in a box just all thrown in
until I can play
this is on the list for 2018

I am not looking forward to this at all
they are predicting for us
a long cold winter with lots of snow

remember that cutie that got married in October?
this was her when I gave her a quilt
she plopped her pillow in the laundry basket
grabbed her bunny
and wrapped in the quilt
made my heart melt...........
love love love this girl.........
she is Landons Mom
the one in white

I need to find this pattern again
I want to make one for Hubs
he loves lighthouses and the water
and this would be a perfect quilt
for him

I better start my to do list again
this is my journal book of the projects
I have made
I used to be better at recording what I had done
it made me feel like I accomplished something
as sometimes it doesnt feel that way

these too I want on the list
how fun to  gift tea in one of these
or leave off the teabag and gift with hot chocolate
cute cute and looks pretty easy

maybe I should take one month and
cut a bunch out and whip them up for the gift box

how is your holiday planning coming along?

check out Temecula quilts for a 
snowball quiltalong

ends in Feb. easy peasy and 
great way to use up scraps
I feel a snowball fight
er I mean quilt
coming on......