Sunday, May 28, 2017

panel magic

I have these panels and many more in  my stash
the idea was to have a quick start on some
pretty lap quilts for gifts
these cardinals are so gorgeous
love them!

Landon saw this one in my stash
and said "Auntie can I have that one? I like the
two bucks with big racks"
(from a 6 year old child LOL)

these will have to be Fall placemats for the table.

this one is cute and would look 
cute I think as a window quilt
looking out at Santa

lighthouses for my hubs..........

tractor for the back of my farmgirl.
we had a farmall 
and an Allis Chalmer

and ever since I saw this one on Jenny
Missouri Star with the lights
put into it I have wanted to make one
did I buy the kit?
but will have to revisit it
how cute for the door or wall
maybe I wouldnt even have to put up a tree! LOL

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I think handwork is in my future.....

as I cleaned I found
ah hem.......
TONS of embroidery floss
not sure where it all came from
I remember as a teen embroidering some
pillowcases for my Gram
but I dont remember having
this many

look at the regular size scissors to see
the size of the box

chock a block FULL

friendship bracelets anyone? LOL

remember this little clean up project?
I pulled pinks and purples and used the
5 inch charms in the center 
and 2 1/2 inch strips for the outside
and made little blocks for fun

well two became this many after I spent one day
just cutting out the parts and pinning them
the blocks will be about 8 inches so am 
thinking for my granddaughter I need
at least 5 across and 8 down
so that means 40 blocks and I have 17

I am out of any pink fabrics
anyone have any purple or pink pieces
they want to get rid of?
I will take them LOL
no seriously..........
I want to make this for my granddaughter 
as a lap quilt for Christmas

if I had a panel that would go
I would put that in the center

but I am liking the modern look of this one
that one lonely bright pink in the corner needs
some company dont you think???

Friday, May 26, 2017

do you have a fav snack?

my good friend Jacky introduced me to these
yeah.......has anyone tried them.
chocolate flavor in a thin cookie type snack
I could eat the whole bag
see the 2 / 5.00? yeah I dont buy two
that would be double on my hips

and I got these too
a HUGE bottle of pickles
I love pickles
(not THAT much) 
but my brother can make me a 
squirrel feeder out of these and some wood
my other one is at my sisters house
so I need  a new one
hint hint
maybe I can get it for Christmas???
after all he is retired now.......ha ha

and I found this little treasure too
with fabrics

gotta gather up all these little kits and keep them
handy for a rainy day
what are you up to?

my hydrangea turned a darker blue
love it

anyone know if this is a plant
or weed?  it is coming up between my
yellow rose branches
but has buds like it is going to flower
the leaves almost look to me like a marigold
but it is taller than my rosebush
it stands about 20 inches tall

funny I have not weeded the gardens yet
just pulled a few here and there
and on the front and the side there were interesting
plants growing so I left them
turns out they are milkweed LOL
so I pulled them up

any plans for Memorial Day?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

found treasures

how sad that I dont even remember piecing these
that is how old they are
as you can see my fav colors 
blue and yellow combo
so cheerful
six of them ready to be appliqued
and centers added

this is what they look like

and be still my heart some gold fabric

and some blue.......
now which way to go.........hmmmm

oh and six of these too!  with a beige check
oh my.........

I better get cracking......
if I remember right the pattern
for these were on a 12 inch background
and then there was a 3 strip border between
to make a lap size quilt

see what happens when I clean?
yeah I should probably clean more often huh LOL

and these are my iris
they are huge this year

I seperated them last Fall and 
sprinkled them about the front garden a little 
to space them out
I guess it paid off

most of the stems will have FIVE blooms on

so so pretty!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

farmgirl fun

these little blocks are so much fun
I love the leaves and may need to expand on them
we will see as I go along.....

postage stamp and egg basket for May
and yes I KNOW  I also had the garden
block but have not made it yet
too many irons in the fire at the moment
but I did get more blocks done
so I am a happy farmgirl 
here are mine all together so far

Jackys blocks........

Jeanas blocks 
it is so cool to see everyones color pallet
they are all looking so good!

and Barbaras egg basket

she is ready to quilt hers

not sure how Colette is doing with hers
I know she was working on her tee shirt quilt
hows your farm coming along?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

be still my heart

here is the start of my entry

aint she purty?

I LOVE this stocking! LOL

even if I dont win, this will make a cute
stocking quilt.

how fun to decorate each stocking

or how about a table runner
with stockings for each person
representing their personalities

fun fun

I had better get it over to her via picture
so I can get in the judging

what are you making?

Monday, May 22, 2017

more little finishes go me!

remember this guy?
yeah I sewed on a clean up day
and made the top
so today I sewed a back and batting to it
and flipped it
now just need to quilt and put her in the gift box
another little fun project 
almost done

but lookie what happens.......
MORE scraps are created from the cutoffs
this little bucket is full again
my slab quilt I am calling a top
so this may need to be culled into strips

we will see
I may need a larger container till I decide!

and this little finish
some weird yarn that makes a dish scrubby
made for my niece for her new home

love quick finishes dont you? 
what are YOU making today?

How are your farm blocks coming? 
let me know so I can make a post at the end of the month

dont wait till the end.......its Memorial Day and 
with grilling and activities you won't finish it
trust me!