Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Do you do theme gifts

I love when a gift has a theme
Like snowmen
Isnt this an adorable cup?
Jacky is gonna fill it with hot chocolate and marshmallows for the grandkids.
 And the nose is 3d

She had an angel watching over her too
See? A QUILTING angel

She has a cat theme for her granddaughter
Cat cup
Cat socks

Cat bedsheets 

And cat pajamas
How fun!

Do those pjs come in my size?
Not Sure about the eyes on the boobies
Forget it.

Bad idea.....

Theme gifts can be fun to put together and fun to receive.

Dad went into the hospital yesterday
Having issues breathing
He has fluid around his heart 

Please say a prayer for him
This is his second time this year
The last time was on his birthday in Feb


Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I wanted to sew Monday ....but
Hubs had other plans for me
Making meatloaf, making a spreadsheet of his medical expenses for the year etc.

I snuck away in the afternoon for a bit to Jackys house
This cute bag greeted me at the door

What?  GUESS WHO????
I mean I was scared
I ran past her to the sewing room
To see if I could pilfer some scraps

And hoping this fat butt would fit out the window if I couldnt get out the door....

I saw crayon rolls in process........

And saw some stars....
Wait did she knock me out?
No .......
.no just some ornaments she was working on

And some
Adorable little yarn hat ornaments
Using paper towel cardboard
And yarn


At least someone was creative this Veterans Day!
Did You get to sew?

Monday, November 12, 2018


Here is Wednesday
She is cute but tiny
And always cold

Auntie Dawn will fix that

Doing some holiday cleaning 
Not much sewing going on here
Hopefully soon.......

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Saturday with family

SAT I had high hopes to get things done 
So I can sew

Went for groceries
Got text from brothers they are up in Maine for week but Dad didnt feel good to go
Keep eye on him

So called Dad to assess the situation 
He has a cold and coughing up phlem again
But feels ok
He put air in my tires as my idiot light was on
Spent about hour or so with him
On way home stopped at pharmacy...
Saw niece as I got prescriptions

Get home....another voicemail  another niece for sos call 
Can you help me make valances?
Went to her house and sewed 3 valances for her daycare room.
Brought my machine but forgot pins. Ugh
Ever try bobby pins to hold down your fabric?  Lol. 

So I saw Three family members and texted brother and another niece. Busy day

Accomplished a few things
But a good for my soul day for sure

Did I work on my cup?
The ornament mugrug? 

though I may see next year if niece wants Olaf quilt for daycare
He may have a purpose

This quilted?
Um no

Not this either 

Or Wednesdays

Got an idea though to use a sock?
We Will see if it works

Good thing God gives us a brand new day to start over

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Playing when i should be working

Remember these? 
Yeah my ornaments using my template 
I tried another method
Will show later 
Not sure how i feel

These wrre ironed and put away
Need to cut more
Was truing to figure a quilt with large
And small tumblers in it
Cause i cant leave well enough alone lol

There are some brights in this one
Fabrics i may not have used in anything else

So i made a couple of houses for the kids
My two ninnies are
I rolled a ball in there
Figuring they would play
Dunkin...YOU get it PHEEBE

Phoebe...IM not getting it YOU get it

Oh well I Tried to get them to exercise 

They take after Mama I guess 
Her hee

Friday, November 9, 2018

Wednesday working on a Friday

What? Am I ahead and working on next WEEKS project early?
Behind by two  days? 
Let me explain
My nieces think Auntie is a miracle worker....
One sweetie has a runt cat named Wednesday
She is a miracle really as she weighs under 2 lbs at a couple months old
She is always cold so my niece wants me to make her a coat
So the Auntie that I am pulled the softest yarn in my stash and asked the inevitable since I dont have Wednesday to measure as I go 

Give me dimensions!

She measured neck to tail
Around her belly
Around her head etc. 
So I am trying to picture this so she can
Get it on her easily
Maybe a velcro tab
Not sure

But so far made a few rows
Hoping to have something by the weekend for her
I do have a backup plan....i have a small tabletopper er I mean cat quilt  just for Wednesday and every day of the week
Lol do what you know right?

While I ponder the design 
Which by the way I have never designed anything in crochet so it should be interesting 
I decided to play in the scraps and clean up
Found some 5 inch tumblers
Sewed some, cut some more

I now have another UFO



I really need to retire this superwoman cape
Or let my nieces know I have no superpowers. Hee hee

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Christmas for me and hubs

As we get older Christmas gifts are harder to get
We have enough stuff and there really isnt
Anything we want

Ok, to win the lottery maybe......
A maid?

A new toy?

More fabric?

 A new cup with a handle?

We still have giftcards from last year
So I dug one out and hubs and I decided to each get a new kindle fire.
You know, to read  and play games and go to the internet on etc.

He wanted the fire 8 and I wanted the 10.
Bigger so I can SEE it lol

The gift card covered both plus cases
And it cost 9 bucks and change outta pocket
I NOTICED we also have an Amazon card to buy some books
Love it.....

I set up hubs the other day. He is amazed at Alexa. Lol

ALEXA.... what is the weather today
How do you spell thorough
ALEXA do I need eggs?

Fun to play 
I will set mine up soon
Do you believe they dont even come with a book or directions?
Yikes. They trust this ole lady to do it right?

So our gifts are bought and we will have stockings to open
The usual i need new socks or a shirt for work kinda thing and done

There is even a gift card to go out to eat
Jacky you wanna go shopping?
 We can have a delicious lunch
Just sayin......

Do you have a Christmas wish list?
What is it that you want this year?