Thursday, February 26, 2015

trying to organize

I found this house tin in my room
it was from wine. not sure where I got it as I don't drink wine

and all my elastic and velcro is in here.
great find! amazing things you can find
when you try to organize huh?
whooda thunk?

I also came across these towels. seems I had an idea for Christmas
one year for appliqued ones. my sons family is into hockey and I have
a hockey Santa pattern somewhere. so I better keep these in 
plain sight for when I find the pattern huh?

this is my strawberry basket. it was filled in a New York minute with scraps
I designated strips to this one as I have quite a few of them
hopefully I can get more containers to help organize the rest
what is it they say? little steps.........

don't ya love that Easter fabric?  

you think I have any more of it in this room?  who knows.
it would come in handy for a cute runner this time of year wouldnt it?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

see why I cant clean???

I found this pattern that I want to make for hubs......

I found these flannel pieces from a previous project

looks like I had some ideas of what to do with them

the fabric is so so adorable! but do I have any other scraps lurking
in this sewing room?
who knows

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

sad day

One of my favorite Aunts passed away yesterday morning. She was fighting a battle with cancer
and cancer won. In this picture she is the third from the right in the back row.
My Dad is the one in the back left with the hat. he is the only adult in this picture 
that is left. She was his sister and had no  children.
(I am in the front on the left with my hat and purse and red shoes) LOL

My Aunt  loved to crochet and paint and knew a ton about plants and flowers.
She taught me a lot about them. She was always teaching me something.
Her Mom, my Grandmother, died before I was born but I knew her
through my Aunt. She would tell family history stories so that 
we would know our heritage. she gave me her tatted hanky that her mom mad for her
when she was in my Mom and Dads wedding. I want to make something
special out of that.

At one point in her life she lived in TX. I never visited her there but she would tell 
about the baby sheep being born and the pretty bluebonnet flowers.

then she moved to NH. She is the one I started the 12 days of Christmas for
and she loved it. all her friends would call her to see what gift each day 
would bring. it was fun.

she was a funny woman. if you called and she wasn;t home
you may hear a funny answering message like I am out catching the chickens.
(she had no chickens) she would make it rhymn. that was another thing
we have in common. I love to write poems and so did she.
I will miss talking to her and finding out the latest bear story of bears
on her property. 

She didnt want any services so we wont be able to say our last goodbyes
but instead wants to be cremated and spread on the mountains.
I will miss you Tia Jo
until we meet again.................

some flowers for you and say Hi to my Mom for me.

for baby Hunter so far

here is Hunters quilt

and 2 outfits 

3 onesies

7 burp cloths

6 matching bibs

the stack all together. I think it is a good start to fill a diaper bag don't  you?
the question is............

Am I MAKING one or BUYING one?
love this fabric charm pack.

Monday, February 23, 2015

why do I do it?

why do I start another project..........I don't know
I certainly have enough of them to finish

these little guys were free
from Missouri Quilt a while back

they are already cut 2 1/2 x 5
so I stitched some up
now to find a complimenting fabric
in the stash
I dont have many solids if at all
so will have to see what may work

what will it be?
zippy bag?
something else?
only time will tell..........

Sunday, February 22, 2015

a little time to sew

stole a few minutes to sew. had to pay to have snow off roof again
so it gave me some time
one for the woven quilt...........

one for the multi scrappy one

it doesnt take much to make this gal happy!
a full bobbin, a machine that works and some fabric

Saturday, February 21, 2015

shhhhhh its a secret...........

hey Mom! what cha doing in there????
Can I come in????
HUH???   what do you mean I will tell???

It COULD have something to do with this.............

or this little gem.............

or is it baby related? hm................

dresdan project?

maybe more kites???? cant be MORE kites......
Can it????

there is something brewing in the sewing room
but I cant have Dunkin let the cat out of the bag........
yet anyways........