Tuesday, January 24, 2017

uh oh.......caught again

um sir.... quilt police....
I know.... I was speeding with the machine pedal
and I know I was looking behind me to 
see if you were coming
and I know I took that turn
without a signal........BUT

you see
THESE Valentine charms
were calling me
(yeah thats it)

so I answered because they threatened me
(show him the door Dunkin) lol

this may become a doll quilt
for a granddaughter who received an 
American Girl Doll for Christmas
just sayin..........

I thought maybe I could make her doll
a sleeping bag too
so so cute
we will see how it progresses..........

and yes Colette. I HAD to empty my blueberries 
and SAVE the container
so I could put some scrap pieces in there

SOMEONE whose name I wont mention
suggested it

anyone you know? LOL

Monday, January 23, 2017

and the farmgirl blocks for Feb are.......

this is Jackys cows and milkcan.
she is making one of each size 
love love love the plaid cow don't you?

and we picked another victim  
er um
I mean volunteer
to pull the next blocks we should work on
for the month of Feb
we figured we will give you time to cut them and 
get them ready.......
drumroll please...........

I guess Feb will be a food month
strawberry and the pumpkin block
I MAY try and figure out a way to 
do the pumpkin in strips but 
still mix up the colors

we will see........
how is YOUR farm coming along?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

solstice challenge

now up to block 4
gotta get caught up LOL

I am liking this one so far......
using up the blue stash
this one may be for ME

linking up with Beth of love laugh quilt

Saturday, January 21, 2017

will you be my Valentine?

One Valentine table topper
for my niece
done just gotta trim up the threads

found this in the stash while cleaning
so it moved this project to the top of the list

layered pieced batting, backing and top upside down
see those edges not quite long enough?
no problem
they are in the seam allowance and
wont affect it at all

I rough cut to make it easier to sew
and pinned it down

here are my rough cutoffs
throw them out you say?
um NO  
waste not want not and you will see in a minute what I mean

see the batting? yep  pieced too
I just try and make sure the seam doesnt fall
in the middle of the topper
and it stays pretty flat

and something new for me
I had bought a ton of this thread from 
Connecting Threads during Christmas
it was a dollar a spool
so you know me......I got
ok ok
28 spools

look how great it matches my topper!

so wiggly easy quilting
and done!

those little scraps?
I sewed them together
and made the back for this mugrug

and since the thread was already in the machine
I played

now just a binding and into the box you go my pretty........
mwahhh  haaaa
what have you sewn today?

Friday, January 20, 2017

how now brown cow.........

if you are following along with farmgirl vintage
the first block we did was the cow....
Here is julierose cow.
she is decked in her Christmas finery
so so cute

here is Babs cow........

and milkcan    she is making hers scrappy
like me . I am using from the stash

Here is Colettes  a purty gingham cow

and her milkcan

here are my two....... my Holstein and can hee hee

and here is Jacky's
she has since made another one and the milkcan
but I have not been over to photo yet
she had been sick and I am staying away from 
germs for the time being lol
but I will get  a pic soon

Our farms are shaping up for sure.
no telling what blocks we do for Feb
we can get Jackys hubs to pick it for us
in the meantime if you want to go
ahead and make more on your own
you can........
I already did hee hee

Thursday, January 19, 2017

lets go fly a kite.......

little did I know when I bought this template
how much I would use it
and that isnt even the whole thing!
Have not even explored yet the side pieces to make the quilt
it is intended for LOL

one of my nieces.......
who name I wont mention

but this little bear that she made
many years ago will 

well she is a sweetie pie and is engaged 
to be married
he proposed on vacation 
at Disney in front of the castle
how sweet

Dunkin, I am trying to tell a story.......

anyway, I had made her a Christmas table topper 
for her apartment year before last
and she loved it
she also told her sister that she was jealous
that I was making a topper a month
for my sister in law
that is the plan

this was one from last year experimenting with the large and small size

as I cut and clean up
I am cutting out kites if the fabric size allows
and when I find some that "fit" a month
I am sewing them into the topper
as I have time I will back and quilt them up
I used to do 3 at a time
when I was making them for SIL
so may do that again

 anyway I made this one
because I liked the colors together
kind of a non traditional Valentine one
ya think?
if not she could surely use it for summer as well.......
debating whether I should make up 3
and mail them off as a surprise
for Jan-Mar (of course Jan is almost done but what can I do)

these little buggars are so addictive to make
I want to find some fabrics that
were my Moms too
it would be Brits grandmothers
the girls were all born after my Mom passed
and she wanted grandkids so so bad.
we will see how I do.......

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pat Sloans solstice challenge

is anyone else doing Pat Sloans solstice challenge?
yeah I caved
but how cool are these blocks?
and my FAV one I didnt even make yet

if you want to see the challenge it is here.........

I think I will do mine scrappy blue
surprise surprise right?

blue is my fav color and the largest pile in my stash is blues......

I figure it like this:

1) worse case I have a blue quilt for ME
2) I bought some panels that it may look good as a border on
3) maybe I can sneak them into finishing
other UFOs
4) I LOVE BLUE  so it can be for ME ME ME

 am almost caught up with it. 
she releases a new block each Wednesday.........

don't cha love quilt enablers???? LOL

one thing I know for sure
from working on those teeny farmgirl blocks
my skills have improved
these blocks I am pretty proud of.
they measure 12 1/2 even
I mean come on
that NEVER happens for me.........