Tuesday, September 2, 2014

not a weekend I planned

because I mowed this..........

I didnt get to work on this............

but I did get to hand sew bindings on mug rugs.

This weekend started out fine. I mean THREE days off! whoot whoot!
Saturday was supposed to be the ONLY good day weatherwise so what is a gal to do?
why MOW the grass and get it done of course!
so I mowed...........
and when I stopped my ankle was the size of a treetrunk and red.......
so Sun off the foot.........foot up........and hubs waited on me.
drank fluids to see if I could flush some out
redness still there but at least not hot
made some treasure rocks
hot glued some Fall flowers to make an arrangement and 2 door decorations
for the yardsale
Monday.............you guessed it
foot up again!

no jelly made
no relaxing robin progress
no microwave bowls done
no Fall table mats done
no garden work done
no buying filters for ac at the store
just did groceries as best I could (spent less. I could be onto something eh?)
no watermelon rind pickles done

not a happy camper but it could be worse
noticed my car sticker expired AUG............

so guess where I will be today after work?
a messed up three day weekend...........
oh well. next holiday for me is Thanksgiving..........gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr.
and that is a WORKING holiday if you know what I mean!

a womans work is NEVER done.......
especially with an ANKLE that wont cooperate!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

our first project microwave bowl potholder


this would be a great stocking stuffer for those kiddos who microwave their own oatmeal or snacks
to keep them from getting burned taking those out of the microwave

or for a nice bowl of say apple crisp for a neighbor with directions how to  heat it up before you put on the vanilla ice cream

or for a hubby to "fix his dinner" that you prepared so that you have a little more sewing time

so many possibilities

Project number one!
lets see how many we can make...................

picking the stash what color what color

do I go with some greens? a great "holiday" color

or my favorite blues?  who doesn't like blue?

or something else?
whatever fabrics I choose I will keep the recipient in mind

for the first project maybe I will make some of each
after all I only need two 10 inch squares
I don't have any of those cakes with precut squares
but that's ok. it won't take long to cut them.
it will take longer to choose the fabrics LOL

Ok Dunkin. You will NOT get on Santa's good list this way! 
NO this is NOT YOUR bed it is MINE!
now get up and get something done!
scratch that!  sleep. I am safer that way.
when you are sleeping you are out of trouble LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

tisket a tasket a green and yellow basket......

I have been a basket case here lately! LOL
helped make baskets for my sister in laws fundraiser and put
together the two for our yardsale
this one is the kids basket with bubbles and crayon rolls and all
sorts of things kids like

this one is a cupcake basket
with a cupcake theme
including cupcake tin
cupcake potholders and matching towels

for those of you who are mature enough, you will remember the song........
wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it I dropped it...........
TAG, You're it! LOL

Fall inspiration

more Fall inspiration

I have an idea
let me see if anyone is "in"
what if for the next weeks leading up to Christmas
we do a small project a week
kind of like finishing up some gifts
to have on hand
Sept is almost here
I could post instructions 
and we could all share our project
you would have a week to do it
before the next one would be posted

if we did 4 in Sept
4 in Oct
4 in Nov
that would make a total of twelve!
great for the twelve days of Christmas, or twelve
handy gifts
what do you think?
Am I crazy?
don't answer that!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

get ready

Christmas time is coming
yeah I KNOW

but I am here to help.........


I searched the internet high and low
and came up with 12 gift ideas we can make together

yep, thats because I am trying to get on Santas GOOD side.

so I hope you join me and I will blog in between posts for the gifts.

they run from Aug 28 to Nov 13  just before the Thanksgiving rush

and think how AHEAD of the game you will be

wanna join me?

good. get those machines oiled and ready with a new needle and meet me back here weekly

Christmas gifts?  we got that...........

let do the Mash the Monster mash

I found this inspiration on the internet too.
I must get better at giving credit where I found it
Most times I can figure out things
without the pattern
or make my own spin on them using what I found
for inspiration

these look so cute and fun
and easy
solids are not plentiful in my stash
but I may have to take a look anyway

lets do the Mash
the Monster Mash
it was a graveyard smash
lets do the Monster Mash

anyone else remember the song?