Thursday, July 24, 2014

much to do

while these guys "chill out with some ice cream"
oh yeah, can you say Dunkin is spoiled?
he was begging Daddy for some

yeah then chilling by the door........

and Phoebe just relaxing pretty girl

I went out and watered plants  .....yes it is dark out.......I have to be to work early
so I like to water them before I go when it is cool

I have clothes to iron.........

treasure rocks to make..........

scraps to use........getting there! I see progress!

mug rugs to bind..........

baskets to make............

birthday gifts to wrap............

stairs to paint..........

packages to mail...........

and candle mats to quilt........

think it is going to be a busy weekend!
what do YOU think?
I bet I cant get it all done........

I wanna go home

I just wanna to home..........
no really
this WORK thing is KILLING me!
this week covering at a different location
and teaching a temp a the same time
start work at 6 am
end at 5

sounds like a country song! LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a rose is a rose is a rose

this year..........

last August

again, hoping I am doing the right thing
it seems so
the weeds of course are bigger too but right now
with so much on my plate, weeds are at the end of the list
I weed enough to look like someone still lives here LOL

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

yellow rose

last Aug............

right now.
I am thinking the bananas and coffee grounds are doing their thing
it seems to have more buds and is greener this year
I am hoping I get to keep these beautiful roses pretty
I have never grown roses before
I know the deer likes them

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sept yard sale stuff

made a ton of these wish bracelets for the kids
am thinking a dollar?  and make a ton more

made some stuffed animals for little ones

and some mug rugs with scraps
there are all kinds in the box 
we will keep that box separate so that it is easier to peruse and find the one you like

some free kittens

some free kittens......
No Dunkin! I will not give you away 
(***wink*** fingers behind back crossed)
a baby quilt to finish up quick

some Fall and winter baby bibs of scraps

a free kitten
(hee hee)
only kidding Dunks.........Love ya!

felt piggy banks

more free kittens 
(Did I say we had FREE kittens??)

leaf potholders
I want to get cracking on more of these

some Fall candle mats
gotta get cracking on more of these too

Christmas and various potholders

I know I have more things too 
like kleenex pocket holders, chapstick keychain, crayon rolls,pillowcases

hoping we have enough as we didnt get many donations this year to sell.
it is a tough economy and we want to help
by recycling nice things
and making things for people to buy
and make money for our Assoc at the same time
when you think Fall, what do you want to buy?

(I was thinking pumpkin pie but we cant sell food) unless it is to the workers
so we will have cookies and brownies I guess
breakfast of all yard salers right? ha ha

I am thinking that Fall decorations may be  nice. in the Fall what do we do?
we want to change the decor to reflect the season right?
maybe I should make a few door wreath type things with some Fall flowers

any suggestions?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

anyone busy next weekend?

had to say it.
like the commercial when the guy is moving and everyone is "sick" and cant help
I got some Deck Correct this past weekend
it was on sale
supposed to be good for wood and concrete
and fills in gaps so no splinters etc

got this cedar kind of color
one gallon
probably too much for my step area but rather have extra than not enough
I will have to sand and prep these guys

so I can make it look nice and pretty
the sides lattice look like they were never done at all
but I want to give them two good coats
in cooler weather
then if I like this stuff I may try it on the concrete area in gray
and see how that looks
little by little we will spiff up the place
takes a lot of elbow grease
good thing I have some left! LOL
so, what are YOU doing next weekend?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

here chickie chickie

no I did not make this. but it is cute! 
I think it is a potholder
looks like a cute way to use up some scraps!