Monday, February 18, 2019

Sewing fun

This was a little sewing from
 my 2.5 square tin.
Love working with them
Once the blocks are done
Joining them together is
A breeze. It has a way to go.

These ufo blocks had been sewn
Together. I went thru my
Stash and picked a border.

I like the finished flimsy top

I think Dunkin liked it too. 
Maybe he is thinking it is 
For him.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Fall pumpkin runner done

This guy finally has
Binding. Into the gift box you go

Feb is shaping up

I tried quilting the pumpkins and
They came out cute
My niece will love this for her home.

So far in Feb i finished.....
Pumpkin table runner
Batik table topper
Knitted bunny
And about 18 bookmarks
What can i work on next?
I think I will iron fabric
For my stone soup

Saturday, February 16, 2019


I am a pattern junkie
I have 3 ring binders with them
And parts of magazines saved
I have books i bought
I have patterns i bought
I have printouts from the internet

All waiting for me to use them.

In a cleanup recently i 
organized them in one spot.  You know how you fear you have multiples? So far so good lol

And i found this 
Perfect project to make with a ufo block
I think the block they made was 10.5 inches
I like the side pockets
I may have to make one
If i do i will share a tutorial for the general concept in case you want to make one too.
Oh i wish i could stay home and sew to my hearts content.

Friday, February 15, 2019

More fun packages

This sweet package came
From my friend Barbara at wonttobequilter
A pattern, some fat quarters and scraps 
I told ya
 Thanks Barbara for making my day
I have been so spoiled.....


These are the bookmarks I have been
Making. I think I am up to about 
16 or so


And a cute strippy Easter egg
A cute mugrug in the making
Dont you just love making
Things with"nothing"?
Such fun to create

Whats going on in your sewing room?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Clean up aisle 5

Do you throw out fabric scraps?
I guess the more expensive fabric gets the less i want in the trash.
So what do you do?
Well this is a corner bookmark i made 
Using just three 4 inch squares. One is folded in half right sides out
And then one square right side up, the triangle and then one square right side down is layered.
Sew  leaving a spot open to turn
Flip and top stitch. Done 

These were wider strips
Folded in half  stitched.  Turned. Topstitched

This was a strip, a piece of batting and then really tiny pieces sewn on top
Edges trimmed and fancy stitched down 

An experiment with fabric and shipping tape to sort of laminate it

More corner ones cut

And another strip of batting ready to go. 

I think i will put them in the mailroom as little surprise take me gifts for our residents 
Lots read and share books

I have been so lucky and gifted many things that i like to pay it forward and then
Do you make little things?
How do you use your scraps?

Happy Valentine's day
Or should i say Galentines day
To my gal friends

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree

Lately i have been playing games with myself
Half hour in sewing room...
Pick a tin and move it further along 
This one is now ready for binding 

See all my tins?
Yeah each one holds a ufo
And these are the visible ones lol

So in order to tame them and make progress i play a game
i pick a tin and spend half hour moving it forward
So far it is working 
I have sewn blocks into a top and
Moved others along closer to a finish

Do you play sewing games?
How do you stay motivated and away from squirrels?
The internet and pinterest are so inspirational but can also be a downfall too
I wanna make EVERYTHING I see!

Today is my Dads 87th birthday

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ufo blocks

Do you have ufo blocks?
Blocks that the color maybe didnt look like you thought?
Maybe it was larger or smaller than the others in your project 

Maybe they are like potato chips and you miss counted and made too many 

You could make a pillow 
Or hotpad or placemat

You could make a wallhanging

Or bag

Or medallion quilt 

How fun would this 3d idea be to frame them
I envision this with maybe 12 good sized blocks 
Making them 3d popping off the quilt 

So fun to think of the possibilities in my stash
Now I will look at ufo blocks 
in a different way

Whats in your wallet?
Er I mean stash?
I used to loathe Ufo Blocks
Now I look at them
As play opportunity

Work went ok.the guys were funny.
Made me park in handicap spot 
Carried my purse and bag in
Made sure I had what i needed
They were all nice.
Half day is all i can do for now.
It was enough for the eye.
I got 3 days of billing done so that was good.