Friday, May 27, 2016

my messy garden

this is what the front garden looks like
I have not had a chance to get in there and weed yet
but from the road it looks good LOL

here lets get closer. this is the tower thingy I 
got this winter. I like it!
I didnt get enough impatiens to fill the 
holes in back but that is fine
as long as they fill in the front I am not worried
the pipe like thing at the top is where you 
water and feed from
I fed them last night so hoping it will 
make them grow
they have grown a lot in a week since I planted it
love the pop of color in there

see? they are filling in nicely
the iris are wild and so so  pretty
I love the deep color
and yes those are fake flowers in my wishing well
I want to get some black plastic and staple it inside
and plant something that hangs in there

so so purty
I am smitten with these guys

I saw that my lilac was done blooming so last night
when I was watering and feeding I cut off the blooms
now I just need to get a saw to cut off the dead branches to 
shape it a little before it sets out the flowers for next season

this gardening stuff is a little more complicated 
than people think
off to prune the roses..............

garden is looking good so far

my bunny is protecting these little lillies
if I remember right these were a 
pretty yellow color and so so pretty

and the herbs are looking good so far
one in the back died
so I will replace it but the rest
are thriving and smell so nice
ever hear of pineapple sage?
smells like pineapple! I kid you not
I have dill, sage, lemon balm, lemon sage
oregano in here

and this little guy is getting bigger too
I am sure not as big as Jackies
we will see how it does............

Thursday, May 26, 2016

is purple the new black?

OH MY I am soooo happy with my iris this year.....
look at these beauties!
these guys have 3-5 buds on each stalk
on every one!
I guess they like coffee too

see? see how purty?
I love the deep color

these purple phlox are coming up this year
last year they were dead
the neighbor has gorgeous ones so I was bummed

more purple pansies

and grape hyacinths

I guess purple is the color for the year
at least at my house it is LOL

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

time to feed the flowers

my peanut butter jar is full of used coffee grinds
you know what THAT means?

it is time to feed the roses..............

and the lillies

they are not in bloom yet 
but I think they like morning coffee

just sayin.................

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

keeping it real

I took your advice and made a yellow
row and a pink row
and a blue row
next will be a red row

and Dunkin was trying to tell me something
Mom this blue........I dont like it here

let me help you take it out

maybe if I roll over and pull it out

then wrestle with it

get out of there you blue

ok maybe if I move the pink too
and put the blue here?

this was the first 5 rows
then I added yellow, pink and blue
so a total of 8 rows
that will only finish at 36 x 44
so I would definitely have to decide
if it will be a baby quilt
or another cat quilt for my brats
or if I needed borders to make it into a small lap quilt
we will see what it wants to be
it worked up pretty quickly
I picked out 11 5 inch charms
of a color
cut them in half
sewed them in pairs
then the pairs into 4s
then 8 etc till they were all sewed
in a row
easy peasy and "kinda planned"
for a scrappy 

stripping again

I am playing with strips again.
if I ask the question "what if"????????
I usually get inspiration

what if I piece them like this potholder............

but then cut out a kite shape and make kites?
wouldnt that make a pretty quilt with 
like 6 huge kites
appliqued onto huge blocks?

oh I can be very dangerous................

Monday, May 23, 2016

another fun strippy scrap idea

sew up some extra pieces of fabrics into a rectangular
ish shape
slice corner to corner

sew another and slice opposite corner to corner

join one of each kind together (makes two)

cut out a leaf shape and voila~
cute leaf potholders in the making for Fall gifts

what are you doing with YOUR scraps?