Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christmas wish list

last year the Christmas box was very full
this year, not so much
Not sure if that is a good thing or not
I have been making progress with my Christmas list
so I guess that is all that counts

I forgot about this cutie. I remember this was fun to sew up and 
I need to find that pattern again and make a few

and I can always use these for little tuck in gifts

these guys need to be found and stuffened
they are already crocheted

sorry for the blur but these zippy tea bag totes would 
be so so cute with tea or cookies for a neighbor
wouldnt they?

no time for sleeping Dunkin!

we need to get crackin

the neighbor has some of these that she is cutting down for winter
I wonder if I can root some cuttings 
and make some of these for the yard

see? the box is empty
(no not really but it feels that way)
we are so close to Thanksgiving and then you know
what happens after that
It seems the next day it is Christmas!

maybe less of these interruptions would help

oooooooo.......... I need to find this blue one
then I can add it to the stocking I am working on

I need to stop and figure out where I need to concentrate
so I can get the max planned and done
I also want to do my pay it forward for Dec
so need to plan that as well
maybe a weekend with friends cutting out some pillowcases for the nursing home
once cut and pinned they sew up pretty quick
that would move a lot of yardage wouldnt it?
some of those oldies but goodies lurking in the closet and bins
my Christmas wish list is to finish everything on my to do list
(Santa hasn't made this possible yet in my whole life but a gal can ask right?)

what is on YOUR Christmas wish list?


cats love boxes- incoming ones  . outgoing ones

boxes of all kinds

mmmm.....tastes good! LOL

and quilts

nice and cozy

and they sometimes even like each other!
I know! I caught it on film!

but it is time to get busy and get to work
get sewing Dunkin!!!! LOL

(doesnt it look like I trained him to sew? this was on internet and
looks JUST like Dunkin. I had to )

Monday, October 20, 2014

what do you do with scraps?

this is one of MANY bags of little scraps
there is everything in here but the kitchen sink
strips, squares, odd shapes etc all put in the bag for playing later

this first "green" themed fabric is what I started for one nieces Christmas stocking
I sat and pulled greens and just sewed them as I found them
not worrying where they touch but kind of trying to mix it up a bit
the plan is to make a nice piece of patched "fabric" with them and then cut out her stocking

and then I pulled blues and started this one
for her boyfriend
they both started with a little holiday penguin block
to give them "unity" as they hang
so that is the only other thing I need to worry about
making sure Mr Penguin is not upside down

I will cut them out and make a muslin lining and cuff
then I can add their names
not sure if I will embroider on or applique
or just pen or paint on
but I want to get these made so I can 
find some things to fill them with

I think a knit hat and scarf would be nice
maybe some things for her kitchen
(she has an apartment now)
maybe some girlie things like polish
or even a Dunkin card
we will see how I go
these two pieces are about 18 inches squarish and it was about half hour of playing
in the scraps
I will piece more and join to the bottom to make sure it is long enough for the 
pattern piece
what do you do with YOUR scraps?

it is time for Halloween and end of the year things

this will not happen again this year
we had ONE trick or treater last year
and this was the THIRD time I got candy
as hubs eats it as soon as I bring it in the house
and we had this left over...........
it is STILL on my hips LOL

yeah Dunkin you don't have to worry
you and Phoebe dont need to lose the fat

let me sleep Mom............zzzzzzzzzzz

gotta find this to put out on my shelf
with a small home you dont decorate a lot
just touches here and there

oooooo  and I made these last year.
apple PIE jam
forgot about that recipe

apples? YUK 
hey freshie! I am NOT making TUNA jelly

some of these need to be knitted

why do cats congregate on the strangest places? the laptop bag
really Dunkin?

and Phoebe....
just as bad
BOTH have quilts
and beds
and pillows
NO MORE MONEY will be spent on these two
they don't use them

until you put it down on the floor
then they have to "hold it down" or something LOL

hubs wrist is doing a little better painwise which is good

this needs to be found and done
for bathroom window and quilted for warmth

before this stuff flies again
some nights it has been cold enough

and this too will need to be finished before Christmas
so far made zippy pouch, eyeglass case, pillowcase and kleenex holder
now on to the purse........need to quilt it and put it together with lining and pockets
for a "deer" niece
she loves to hunt like her Dad
(not sure where she came from)
so no "girly" purse for her

better get busy hadn't I?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

more relaxing going on

I found a piece of navy pindot in the stash
and added a row to each side of the beginning of my robin
Dunkin was hoping for purple I think LOL

then I sewed the squares for the dresdan row together to see what adjustments need to be made
again look at him looking at the quilt.
he looks as if he really is checking it out LOL

then I placed the drunkards path row on top to see how that one fits the width as well.
that is all the playing I did today on this but I like the new direction it is going in
have you played in the sewing room lately?

inspiration for my relaxing robin quilt

this was kind of inspiration for my newest
relaxing robin
I really like the row quilt setting
but theirs of course has a
theme where mine is willy nilly use it up

I am having a hard time choosing a solid color for some borders
maybe I should grab black or navy?
Dunkin, help me out will ya?

gee I don't know Mom.......I am not a quilter

Well, Dunkin, what looks good to you............
BESIDES purple?
let me take another look Mom......

Maybe I will make progress on my lozenge quilt while I wait for my assistant to 
help me out.,.............

this could take a while.......LOL

Saturday, October 18, 2014

productive week

I sewed one of these together for my sister in law.........
she needs a picker upper

and see those cute little sheep?  I stitched this guy together (just have the binding to do) for a mug rug

and remember this .69 buy from a CVS end of summer sale?

well, so far I have the scarf I made........

and this morning I cut and sewed a widdle baby hat out of one sleeve.
bonus? the sleeve is hemmed!  so I only needed to cut it out
and sew the rounded curve
turn and done! less than FIVE minutes!
this shirt has more fabric to give so we will see what else I can make out of this 
great find..........
another baby giftie for my new grandchild 
that is due in April
we are not sure yet of the sex but Grammie has already 
bought Boston Bruins onesies,
a giraffe 3 pc set outfit
made 7 bibs
and now a hat

see? I am a good Grammie
and these need to be done soon
No not twins! LOL
just being prepared for boy OR girl
(we are secretly wishing for a girl)
so I need to finish both of these

oh yeah and before snow flies I need to sand and paint these
anyone out there like to paint?

and this little softie is made of my leftover yarns that are soft and fluffy
I am making it on huge knitting needles
and carrying one yarn forward as I change colors
I am using 2 strands of yarn as if one
it is coming out nice
and using up ANOTHER kind of stash LOL
but soft enough for a precious grandchild for sure 

what did YOU get done this week?