Saturday, February 13, 2016

a little more progress

I sewed the top and bottom borders on one morning
and now placed the last strip on the side

I may need to piece the other side so 
pondering a bit before this top is ready
also not sure if I want another row of some squares
but I like it so far.............

those little precut squares were so much fun!
I still have a ton of them too.
(I think they are multiplying with my scraps)
what project have you moved closer to the finish line?

Friday, February 12, 2016

more 365 quilting

this 365 quilting project is genius
I started it because I just thought what a cool way
to see in a year my moods in fabrics

but now I realize it is MUCH MUCH MORE
this project I did not turn into applique slow stitching
I have enough of that
I wanted quick get er done kind of stuff
and I could use some machine practice (new to me machine) 
so decided
to back them with the used dryer sheets
and machine applique them on
I am getting better with each circle

by doing this method I have accomplished a LOT

but as I choose the fabrics for each days mood
it is almost like a release.
it is OK to feel sad.
 ok to feel stressed. 
ok to feel brain mush
and also ok to dream....
it lets me know that this feeling too shall pass
it is not forever so if I am feeling blue, just feel blue
and move on

who knew a quilt could teach you something?

just finished up 5 more days this morning before work.
yeah it is THAT easy........
I have no hardfast rules except about the background
fabric for the month
if my circle is not perfect, so be it. 
I am not perfect and some days are certainly less perfect than others

this quilt is very special and I am hoping once I catch up
I can continue it on for a year
I am excited to see how much I can grow
by the quilts end
and to see how my fabric stash
can represent my many moods throughout the year

yeah, I like that.........

dreaming of my butterfly bush and my 
garden lillies so I can say Hi to Mom in Heaven!

are YOU 365ing? you should check it out

so far lots of progress for Feb

good thing I have lots of progress for Feb
because the ceiling and window guy and floor guy
will be working on my bedroom
I have these tops all ready
to quilt and bind

maybe I should get that done on a few so I have some hand
sewing to do.........

over the next weeks I will be busy with moving furniture
and prepping and painting the bedroom
so that the floor guy can rip up 
the carpet and put in the new floor

we are going with a vinyl product that looks like weathered 
barnboard in gray tones
I LOVE it and hope that it all looks
good together

I want to do a light beigy coffee kind of tone on the walls
I think as my furniture in there is blonde colored
then I will have cool and warm (gray floor and wall)
colors to pick what I want for curtains, bedding etc
I am excited to get it done

but not excited about the anticipated mess
not sure how long the whole process will take
as it involves more than one person
the ceiling he said 2 days
have to rip down and resheetrock
then tape paint etc

windows will probably be another day or so
I need to find a painter OR I will have to do it

but right now we are at the top of the budget
unless I want to eat beans and oatmeal
for a while
we will see how it goes

anyway, if you dont hear from me, I am fine. 
just a little busy with messes.

I will try and post as much as I can as I try and finish up 
some things
2016 is the year for us to "get er done"

Thursday, February 11, 2016

moving right along from January.....

I now have the second row of January done
these little circles are so much fun
I am not overthinking them
just choosing as my mood strikes

some like this ship will have meaning like
wish it were nice weather to sail away somewhere tropical

others will be like this,  mushed brain day! LOL

or feeling analytical day..........

I am not even worried that my circles are not perfect
I am not perfect so this is the perfect quilt for ME
having fun getting Jan done
so I can catch up with Feb

the first upper left square of the Feb block will be blue as
Jan goes one day into that week
technically I would have needed 6 weeks for Jan so this is how
I am doing it
I will make decisions on the fly
because after all
this quilt is about how I feel at the moment.........
what are YOU sewing?

playing in the stash again

ever wonder why you have so many fabrics in the stash?
that you love but are not using?
yeah, I have been thinking
(I can think once in a while you know.........)

these are my tumblers for my tumbler quilt

this little container is not huge but boy there are a 
ton of these guys in there
I used some for the red Valentine mug rugs
and some for the green border on the table topper

and look! they STILL go to the top and need to be pushed down to shut it.........
I really really think (KNOW) that these guys should NOT have male
and females together because they DO multiply
they should mark fabric as male or female
so we can keep them seperated
just sayin..............

guess I gotta sew more of them up for the tumbler quilt as leaders and enders.
I need to decide how big I want it and sew up some rows
I have little rows of 8 all done in a container waiting to be pressed
and there are a lot of them in there too!
goes to show you............
either they 1)multiply
2) wiggle around for breathing space
or 3)want to show US whose boss!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

quilty 365

Grab button for

I am way behind in this 365 challenge but I have my fabrics picked out. you see, like most of my projects, they get stalled for one reason or another..........

well this one was stalled because even though I LOVED the idea, when I tried to do the math the quilt would be too large for what I wanted it for..........

SO................I decided to combine TWO things and make it reversible.
if I take and make blocks of the circles........January, February etc, I can do 7 across by 5 down or 35 for each month. there will be blocks with no circles representing the blank days for the following or prior month.

the SECOND thing I wanted to do was to incorporate the rainbow scrap challenge into it as well

so.........yeah I know very brainy of me right?  we will see as I go along on this adventure.........
I will use 5 inch BLUE charms for my Jan circles        (I had my circle picks all done but nothing done with them. that is why I was in the scrap bin pawing around finding things hee hee)

Feb circles will be the Feb color etc. ...........genious I tell ya! ha ha

then on the front the squares of months will be around 22.5 x 31 ish if I did the math correctly
(4.5 x 5  and 4.5 x 7)  so it will finish around 60 something  using 6 months for front and 6 for back.

anywho, thats my story and I'm stickin to it.

I will be working on these to catch up and will show my progress from time to time.
Now that I picked out the blue, here is what I have caught up on so far........

I chose 35 blue charms and put them in order of 5 x 7 so I could spread out the colors

selected my circle template
hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

traced the circle on the backside of my chosen fab for the day 
(yeah I can be messy, so what........I am thinking I will 
improve by day 365)

paired the fab face down onto used dryer sheet and stitched on the line

pulled the layers apart and made a slit to turn

slit to turn

turned and finger pressed from inside

my first 7 days of my Jan calendar

and my Fri Jan 1 and Sat Jan 2

see? two cute little circles although not perfect by any means
and that is ok with me.......
I am sewing them on my machine with fancy stitches and may embellish them
as I go down the road 
lots of catching up to do............
but having some fun now that I FINALLY
made a decision!
are you doing the Quilty 365?
It is fun to see everyones circles and interpretation 
of the quilt
My Jan 1st owl is for the smartness of a clean slate for the new year
My Jan 2nd snowman was the missing of snow around here
(boy I wish now I hadn't done THAT! we are getting 8-10 inches grrrrrrrrrr)
oh well.
I guess I had better be more careful when pulling fabric from the stash, huh

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

another block ready to go............

this block I love

I like the way the stripes make a little movement

to the pinwheel

another one almost bites the dust!

I better get quilting these soon......