Friday, June 8, 2012

rain and quilts

Tell me this girl is not spoiled! LOL She just snuggles up and parks herself wherever she wants to.

I need to make Dunkin's quilt next. I have some scraps I sewed together that need to be sewn into the top. A few more pieces need to be added and then I can quilt it up for him. I would like him to have his very own soon. Daddy likes the AC a little too much!  so I freeze and the two "kids" Phoebe and Dunkin will snuggle on their quilts. they fight now for the one quilt to see who gets it for the moment.

The diaper cake came out so so cute! I will deliver it today. hope she likes it! pictures soon.

It is only 5am so I guess I have some time to play in the fabric scraps. see you later hopefully with some progress.

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