Monday, July 30, 2012

any ideas?

Any ideas how I could turn this bag into a bag to carry a dolly and her things? should I just make a lining with lots of pockets? start over and make a bag with outer pockets too? it will be for a four year old's gift

I was thinking it could hold a small dolly and some diapers and a small quilt maybe. the bag is about 20x26 or so. some bibs and a little mommy is all set.

also any ideas on how to put this together? I have about a dozen blocks, some ducks going left, some right. should I just continue to make larger log cabin blocks and join alternating blue and red outer edges?  find a pattern fab and sash?

Am looking at all my UFO's in a different light. want to make them useful for someone.
hmmmm, can this be a baby quilt?  a dolly bag?     a table runner?

made a crochet camoflage hat at the car dealership and half a scarf of white yarn. at least while I couldnt do things I needed to do, I got something accomplished.

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