Sunday, July 22, 2012

classes anyone

Have any of you been to classes gone wrong?

 I went to a class that was poorly run. They had about 10 of us for a Saturday all day sewathon. To make things go quicker, they had us precut our fabric so that we could get to the sewing right away. So my friend and I traded fabric strips and cut them to the 4.5 inch wide on our directions. We were excited and ready for a "sewing mini vacation". When we arrived, we learned that the other gals were "regulars" and all were given directions to cut strips at 4.25 inches and it mattered! (By the way when we signed up we gave phone numbers and were not made aware of the changes)
 Our quilt would not come out correctly if we didn't use those measurements. we spent the first part of the sewathon recutting strips! we switched off so that each of us could follow along on our project when we got home. what a disappointment as others finished their quilts and we had ours in parts that had to be sewn and parts that had to be recut.
we decided when we got home to at least finish up our tops.

I don't have a picture of hers but this is what mine looks like. I have not finished as I am debating whether to make it larger or call it a lapquilt. I do have a few more scraps but not sure if enough to make the basketweave center for a border or not. Mine has more teal blue in it than hers does if I am recalling correctly. she is a Fall colors person. I like my blues and greens and cool colors. I really like the crazy border where I took some parts and some of the strips I didn't feel like cutting down and added them together. Maybe I will just finish and bind in black. It is a fun pattern.

we took the strips and sewed each to a smaller white strip. then they were cut and sewn into a 3 section with the white areas alternating. then those "blocks" were sewn  into rows, then into the quilt top. If you look closely, we had a variety of all kinds of fabrics in there. some uglies, some colors we were not fond of anymore etc. it was to be a scrappy quilt and I love it. see any old fabric friends you recognize?


Carrie P. said...

yes, I have been to classes that have gone wrong. not that way but I have been disappointed in the instruction of the project.
It turned out to be a great looking quilt though.

sewyouquilt2 said...

thanks. I like it too and I think it wants to be a lapquilt.