Sunday, July 8, 2012

family day at the nursing home

Look at that happy face! six year old grandson at family day at the nursing home with Great Grandma looking on. He was so proud as he won the red dog at popping balloons. He tells me "Grammie, my Daddy couldn't win but I did! I can win one for Grampie if I can play again"  What's a Grammie to do but fork over the cash for another game? LOL  AND HE DID WIN!  That's my boy! Oh to be six again.........


  1. I love that there was a family day at the nursing home. Looks like it was a great success! And I know the ones who live there love seeing little ones. =)

    1. it was a great success and all had fun. the residents got to brag about their families and the young kiddos played while parents visited with the residents. hopefully they do this more often. it was great!