Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marges memory quilt

This is a quilt I made many years ago for my mother in law. It is a quilt representing memories and stories of their life. The top area is a representation of their property on Bird Hill Rd in Maine.They lived in a mobile home and the white thing to the right is supposed to be a birch tree. (my version Hee hee)The birds represented Bird Hill Rd.
The next row down is Max the fat cat. we once babysat him while the inlaws went to FL to look at a house to buy.  after he swallowed some string, we had to make the call to the vet to have it surgically removed......$400 later ...... Max got us in hot water that year!
the next square I made to represent her three boys. the one on the left in a baseball hat is the biggest REDSOX fan you ever want to know! the middle one is the oldest son and the one in cowboy hat and boots is hubby, the country one. up above you see the chicken to the right. they raised chickens to learn responsibility and my hubby said "they were the best tasting chicken salad he ever ate" because he was tired of getting pecked.
One of the pets they had was a beagle. He was a character and no wonder. On their way to get him, one son said lets name him Poochie .the next said Poochie Woochie. The other said Poochie Woochie Dumb Dog . Then the parents both chimed in Poochie Woochie Dumb Dog Ludabaker. it just sounded "right" to them so that was his "official" name.They laughed so hard when naming him. This dog would watch to see if you were looking and when the coast was clear, he would carry the cat dish in his mouth and book it for the door. too funny!  He also scrunched up his nose at cigarette smoke. You could trick him too by putting a crayon in your fingers "cigarette style" and he would do the same. a spokesperson for non-smoking before his time! (almost everyone smoked back then)

You can also see the tear to the right in the border. this is why I have this quilt-to repair it. It is ripped not on a seam so I will quilt it down and try and applique maybe flowers or pussy willows on it. those are her favorite Spring flower.
this is one of my favorite sections. The bears and moose represent sightings in Maine. the bunny as well visited their yard almost daily. The lighthouse represented Plymouth MA where they resided last. I have no pattern for a lot of this quilt as the squares were made as stories were relayed or remembered. Some I was lucky enough to find a coloring book page or something I could use but most were drawn by me and then replicated in fabric. this was such a fun quilt to make.
As a matter of fact, as I was making it, my nieces who were small then wanted to make their own "life quilt". I have their drawings and squares replicated in fabric and now that most of them are 18 or older I will finish them and give to them to have. It is fun to look back at the guinea pig block or the beta fish named "Wings" block. One had a picture of me and her and she was wearing a tee shirt that said "girls rule". Yes they do! another had a pair of roller skates to represent her love at the time. There are 4 of these quilts and that reminds me- FOUR MORE UFOs to put on the list to finish!

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Carrie P. said...

Oh, what a treasure. such a sweet history.
thanks so much for stopping by my blog during the RWB block hop and leaving such a sweet comment about my block. good luck in the giveaway. I will be posting later this afternoon.