Thursday, August 9, 2012

I tawt I saw a puddy tat I did I did

I just love Sylvester. I wish I had Tweety bird to put into this project as well. Not even sure where the fabric came from with him on it. I remember one year having some fabric with Baby Taz and others that I appliqued onto baby bibs. It was a nice though. Who knows, I may have sent Tweety off somewhere. LOL
Was thinking of making some kind of boy baby quilt with this one. This square is about 18 by 30 ish as it is. Maybe a row of some black and white stripe or checks and then another scrappy blue border will do.
Will see when I play in the scrapbox what comes out...........Do you like to play in the scrapbox?

Worse case scenario he becomes a baby bib too!
thinking babies lately. (no not me.......silly goose)  I want to be prepared for boy or girl with maybe quilt, bibs, crochet hats etc. I would rather pick out things from a "baby box" that are all done than stress out over gifting. Besides, it is fun to create for babies.

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ellen gets crafty said...

That's a great idea to plan ahead with gifts. I get stressed when something has to be finished by a certain date - it turns into WORK!!