Sunday, August 5, 2012

thinking of Christmas

How cute is this?   A niece of mine and her gingerbread house. When the nieces were little the 5 of them and I had an annual tradition of making gingerbread houses. The girls were so creative and as they got older would outdo each other. One had a see through fish pond with goldfish, another had a teddy bear graham snowball fight scene in the yard complete with mini marshmallow snowball stashes. One had her mom order candy rocks and made a gorgeous rock house.  another had a chalet type roof with teddy grahams hanging in the design. they went from decorating the houses to "auntie we need a bigger tray so we can decorate the yard" (complete with candy cars no less). LOL  such fun memories. Now this little one is all grown up with a little one of her own to start this fun tradition with.

 I am in a smaller apartment and we don't do this anymore as a group but the girls carry it on at their homes and call me with their newest ideas and questions with how to execute them. Love crafting with kids! creative minds of all kinds are fun...........

One also has mimicked my "Christmas box" where I shop year round and put the item in the box to help defray the cost of it all in one month. It seems funny to hear her say I got this for my Christmas box for so and so.Do you think she will like it?

my Christmas wish for everyone..........spend time with family and friends doing something fun and making memories. it is the best Christmas gift you can receive.

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