Monday, September 10, 2012

Santas workshop

speaking of the holidays I found this picture of one of my nieces from last year. She made ALL of her Christmas gifts including 3 lap quilts! It is nice to know someone will carry on sewing after I am gone. She made her dad, boyfriend and boyfriends mom each a lap quilt, made my sister and I gorgeous coupon 3 ring binders covers with pockets and handles to look like a purse, made her smaller cousins each a laptop desk with wood and stuffed fabric with bean bag pellets, and also made them each a bedrest pillow that looks like the back of a chair. 4 of those, she made her girlfriends wallets, one cousin who had a small baby she made bibs and boppy and carriage cover. What an industrious little gal she was! and they all came out fabulous! well received by everyone who was lucky enough to be on her Christmas list. she and I also had some quality time together sewing and laughing. she was very serious in this picture but we did have lots of fun.

hmmmmmm...........maybe I can borrow some of her patterns?.........just sayin


laurajane said...

It's great to know ,that our children will carry on the sewing and crafting skills that we ourselves learned from our mums and grandmas.
Have to keep it going.
Laura x

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It would be so nice to have someone to sew with. =) Lucky you!!