Monday, September 3, 2012

you cant make me you cant make me

this little stinker is hampering my laundry progress. I guess he is cold because as soon as these come out of the dryer I turn my back to shut the dryer and this is what I find. his big petutie plopped down. sometimes he burrows underneath the clothes too. it is too too funny.
HE IS LUCKY HE IS CUTE!!!!!!          lol

cant show you projexts that I am working on for the holidays. family reads the blog once in a while and dont want to spoil the surprise.
soon I will have a project I can show you..........I promise.........


  1. Found you over at Marcia's New Quilt Linky Party. I also quilt, knit and have a cat who tends to take over everything! I'm your newest follower! Nice to meet you!

    1. nice to meet you too! I am your new follower.

  2. Your kitty is adorable! Does he hang out on your fabric as well as your towels? My mom's cat loved sitting in her fabric bins so for a while everything was coated in "generously donated" cat fur.