Saturday, September 1, 2012

zuchinni pineapple bread

this morning early I started out the weekend by baking some zuchinni pineapple bread. hubby LOVES it. It is how my mom got us to eat more veggies when I was a kid. we made it into muffins, cake with marachino cherries and walnuts or just bread. If you google it, there are tons of recipes online for it.
We just put in the pineapple most of the time.The one recipe calls for 2 cups shredded zuchinni so one large one did the trick. some canned pineapple chunks I squeezed and made smaller pieces and added to the mix. It made one large loaf, one medium loaf and 2 small loaves. hubby polished off one small loaf for breakfast. I told you it was his favorite!
I put the other small loaf out for him and the other two went into the freezer for a non baking day later. love that!
I have to be careful when I bake. remember the cupcake episode???? you know who was busy trying to figure out why I didnt want his nose in the oven. hhmmmmm............maybe there is something good in there..............let me sneak...........DUNKIN!

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