Sunday, October 14, 2012

baby bibs

this is the pattern I use for baby bibs. excuse my messy ironing area- not the greatest for photo shoot. LOL but at 4am you take what you can get.
anywho, this is a bib I made for the gal due in Feb. I will put in with the quilt and make some others. when we did the bib of the month, we used this print for Jan for a wintery kind of print. it is reversible and you can see the back below.

fun pattern with easy velcro closure and nice and big to catch those messes. I have also done them using up bits of fabrics and making them patchwork. they look good no matter what. denim is always good too!


  1. Lovely bib,and what a nice idea,a bib a month,love it.Its a shame we don't have any baby's in the family at the moment.xx

  2. Cute bib. Your ironing board looks very tidy to me - I can't even see mine, so much stuff on it! ha ha

  3. Like it, but I was hoping for a pattern

  4. Love the bib and the idea of bib a month. So nice to see bibs that are not babyish. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.