Monday, November 19, 2012

no secrets around here

everywhere I go this guy follows. He should have been named Shadow! As I was taking pics for the blog about Christmas gifts, here he was. sitting pretty waiting for Mommy to pay attention to him.
If you tell Daddy what we wrapped for him Dunkin, YOU are IN BIG TROUBLE!!!!!!!


  1. What a lovely kitty!! Gotta love those white "socks", bib and little nosey strip!! You have a great companion--now, that's a lot to be thankful for...Julierose P.S. You're posting at 3 am??? What a night owl (ROTFLOL)

  2. thanks Julie. He is a pretty kitty and a lovebug. As for me posting at 3am, that is because I sometimes do a bunch of posts and schedule them. I am up early to go to work so if they are posted by 3 I can see them and make sure all is ok.I laughed when you called me a night owl because I so am not! ROFLOL