Friday, November 2, 2012

we survived Sandy

We survived Sandy. Actually we were so so lucky!  I was sewing with the cats.......
then the power flickered on and off so I went to the hand stitching and finished up binding on 4 potholders ,made a pair of handwarmers and hemmed one pair of pants.........
we got some wind and rain and worried about the trees and water as we live about 50 yards from the river and are surrounded by trees.
we awoke the next morning and the sun was out and there were a few branches and the pool was flipped over but other that that we survived without a scratch. we are SO SO thankful!
so much devastation from this storm and hope that soon people can get back to normal.

then the next day these little trick or treaters came to Grammies house to let her know they too survived! we are back to normal around here and are hoping and praying for some "normalcy" for those who were affected negatively by Sandy. She was a powerful storm and left much devastation in her wake. May God bless those less fortunate.


  1. Really pleased to hear from you.Glad you are all OK with minimal damage .
    I to hope everyone can get back to normal as soon as possible .
    Hugs Laura.xx

  2. So glad to hear you are OK. My family is also OK (upstate NY) but I know many people in the NYC area who aren't expected to get power back for at least 1 more week. So much damage out on Long Island, too, I know people who lost everything (there and elsewhere). Praying for everyone who was impacted!!

  3. Good to hear that you, your family and your kitties are safe. What a scary ordeal.

  4. thanks everyone for your prayers and good wishes. Hope any of you that went through Sandy's wrath are ok and back to normal soon too.