Wednesday, January 23, 2013

cats are smarter than you think

this guy Dunkin is a rascal. He came to us when he was very small and he thinks he is human. He also thinks I am his mama and he is like my shadow.
over the weekend as I was getting dressed , I hear the phone off the hook sound. nobody was around so I was leary who was in the house messing with the phone. I looked around and could find no one.
except this innocent looking little guy looking at me with that " I didnt do it Mom" look. He had gotten up on the side table where the phone is and was walking on it and must have pressed buttons. then the operator says on the phone  "the number you are trying to dial is not valid. please hang up and try again." well he jumped off that table so fast it was funny!
Hopefully I dont get any bills for long distance calls while I am at work!
little buggar..........
Dunkin you are too too smart!
He makes us laugh every day.

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