Monday, January 21, 2013

dresdan runner process

This runner was an old UFO. It started out as a pattern that was going to be a surprise quilt for a niece. She was about 9 at the time. She is now 16.
As with all UFOs it started out as a project I was gung ho about.
But then one day as I was sewing and cutting the 3 strip rail part, I picked up the wrong ruler and cut the squares too small. Of course, there goes the fabric and I couldnt think of how I was going to fix that problem.
One of my rulers measures like 6 or 6 1/2 and the other one is much smaller. I used it as a quick no think method of cutting the squares. see what I get for not thinking?????
It sat as I stewed and tried to save the day but nothing was coming to me and I was mad at myself because I didnt have extra fabric of what I needed to make it look right.
fast forward to 2012/2013. I self imposed a "finish your projects and use or give away" before starting anything new. I have enough of them to last me a lifetime for sure. but I still love a lot of them and want to complete them before I dont love them anymore
I took this one dresdan (I have more that went into this "quilt") and I cut it down to fit a 4 patch of the rail pieces. It looked nice as a runner so I made one. Then I searched and searched and found a fabric that I didnt mind for the center circle.
I am almost done with the quilting part. I am hand quilting it and then will find one of the fabric strips to bind it. I want it to be a Valentine gift for someone so now I have
1) started finishing a UFO
2) fixed part of the problem as to why it was a UFO
3) identified a purpose for it and
 4) established a time for it to be finished by.
Hey! I think I may be on to something! LOL
because it is a smaller project, I started it first to kind of psyche myself into finishing something fast.
we will see how I make out by year end.............
so many UFOs........but so many plans!

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