Wednesday, February 6, 2013

do you think I like blue

love this blue quilt made of found strips that I sewed willy nilly one day..........

tried again to organize scraps and sew them........hmmmmmm  more blue

blue pink and green..........made a great cat quilt for Phoebe-(not yours Dunkin- even though you think you claimed it)

Sylvester likes blue too..........he told me so.

found some tiny 2 inch duck centers and added what else?   red and BLUE....

found more blue and UFO dresdans........put together in same runner

scrappy bag with more blue scraps

Do you think I need to branch out with another color???? LOL
maybe I need a color challenge!


  1. Some lovely stuff there,love the one with Sylvester in the middle.
    Love Laura.xx

  2. Pretty blue fabrics. I think we all go through spells when it comes to color. I bought a lot of purple when I first started quilting.

  3. Oh. I am a "Blue-o-phile" too. I just try pairing it with colors I don't usually use--I saw a blue and orange quilt that was surprisingly pretty...I like your stuff a lot...Julierose