Thursday, February 21, 2013

I guess I had a plan huh?

Found a note with a plan for a quilt and 4 patch block and scraps. Looks like at one point I was trying to get organized haha  I even had it all zipped up nice in a plastic baggie.

funny how time can change your priorities and likes and dislikes. I think I will trash this "plan" and use the scraps in another quilt. maybe a nice "kitchen sink" quilt of all the bits and pieces. will see how I like them all laid out.
Ever since we learned that we will not have a job after August, I have reflected on my life and priorities and such. One new goal is to finish off those projects that keep weighing me down. If I chip away a little at a time and make useful items I figure it is a win-win. I will have completed a UFO that I may not "love" anymore AND I will have created something useful for myself or for others. What kind of UFOs do you have lurking? 
I read in a quilt book by Sharon Craig that the reason we have UFOs is because there is something stopping us from finishing them. pattern too hard, color dislikes, size issues of blocks. She takes those issues and shows you how to "fix" color by adding contrasting or setting a certain way to read as a certain color etc. It is very interesting to see how she overcomes these issues and makes a great quilt. I think I will study a little of her techniques and see if I can figure out the "why I stopped making this project" and then fix the issue. hmmmmmmmm.............  let me think on that..........
Sharon, you think you could come to my house for a month or two so that we could work together on this????? LOL


  1. Every time I clean out my sewing storage space, I find pits and pieces of long ago projects. I think my problem is that I get too excited about starting something new and the old projects get stored away.

  2. I should focus on finishing things too,Have a box full of half done stuff.xx

  3. I totally agree with Sharon--there is a REASON we get stuck. Just like writers who reach some kind of dead end. I have a lot of "stuck-in-process" UFO's. I am trying to use them as "backs of new quilts, wallhangings etc. Julierose

  4. I have scrapped a few of my UFOs. I usually start new project just because I see something I would rather work on at that moment. I am being good this year.