Saturday, February 2, 2013

mindless sewing is so sew fun

I love it when I get some time to just sit at the machine and grab fabric and sew willy nilly. sometimes the combination of fabrics surprises you. sometimes you think huh? why have  never put these together before?

sometimes there is no thinking at all.............

just pure sewing pleasure............

not having a plan....................

here's to some sewing fun..........


  1. I agree; and I haven't done enough of it lately!! While ironing and sorting my scraps I came across some odd pieces of hand dyes I did years ago --very faded and old looking--these will be the basis for a new piece I think. (But, AFTER, I finish tying Blues-ey and putting Woven Wall together and Fiona's "Big Girl" "Hello Dolly" quilt---ack) have fun Julierose

  2. It looks great for "no thinking!" I have a "just sew things together and see what you get" project on my wish list, too.

  3. Looks great,and I love doing random too.Its always a surprise .