Thursday, March 7, 2013

mom wanna play?

How can you resist this guy? He is full of fun and love.
How many of you started the year with a ToDO list?
I have a list of things I want to finish up by the end of the year.
So far this year I have accomplished a lot.
Some projects were on the list, some not.
it is nice looking back at the year and seeing
what was accomplished........
I do it every year......
and every year I am proud of what I have created......
How about you?


  1. He is gorgeous, I'd never get any work done.

    1. he is my shadow and follows me everywhere. He thinks I am his mom and he is human. ha ha I love love love this guy. can you imagine someone left him in a trash bin? he was just 7 weeks old and was crying for his mama when we rescued him behind our house. he has been such a love.

  2. Oh he is a cutie for sure! I used to make "get it done" lists, but haven't in a long time. They kinda make me there's a deadline looming. I had so many of those when I was performing, that I avoid them like the plague!! Julierose

  3. He's lovely,looks very playful xx