Monday, May 20, 2013

which do you prefer

this was my original idea........the print looks too busy even though it is small and the same colors...........

it is a cute little bear print

So I tried a "solid" or moire print that looks like a solid..........better but still missing something.

see the moire like lines?  a gal I work with gave me a roll of 30 yards of this. woo hoo!  good thing I have a granddaughter that likes pink!   I am not sure if a combination of the two would work better?
what do you think Phoebe?


Dunkin?  help mommy decide......... he rolled up the lighter print.......hmmm  does he not like that in there?

now looking at the they make you dizzy????
looks like this is not going to be a QUICK quilt after all.............


  1. I love the little bear print.the kitties look comfy,my pup did the very same thing yesterday,right on top of my sewing.x

  2. I think I would choose the first one.