Friday, July 19, 2013

a little bit of an old friend coming with me

this was made and given to me by a dear friend who is no longer with us. we have never met in person but she touched my heart and that of my hubby. she sent me this gift that she made for me and it proudly hangs in my sewing room. it will hang in a place of honor in my new sewing room makes me smile to think of her.....

then reality sets do I get to the closet?  where's Waldo???? LOL
good times....I keep telling myself moving is fun. moving is an adventure. say it with me now.......ha ha


  1. Moving is fun moving is an adventure lol.xx

  2. Moving is (hah) fun; suuuure! A little at a time, each day--keep calm and carry on ( or let them carry, not you!). Love that little memory quilt--those little triangles really make it! Hugs--stay cool....Julierose

  3. Moving = fun....Not picking up what you are putting down. ;-)