Wednesday, July 24, 2013

still stumped

I am still stumped as to how I can use these two trees

and this package. they are large measuring around 8-10 inches tall. at first I was going to just try and come up with a sort of an advent calendar for the trees with maybe 24 tiny ornaments to put onto the tree?  may still do that. not sure. I could applique the tree onto a square with a place to hang the ornaments on the side, then make 24 either Velcro or some type of attachment to put them on the tree. I thought that may be cute but the Velcro may be an issue. I was going to look into the dots to see how many would fit. may need to make pkgs for under the tree to complete the scene........

the gift one has me baffled. it may end up being an applique on a towel or something. even kind of large for that......
any ideas??????

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  1. I love both of those.I would make a hanging with the tree,puffy stuffed ,and decorated with gift shaped buttons and charms ,stars all sorts,oh I could have fun with that.The gift would look lovely on the front of a cushion.Whatever you end up doing,enjoy.xx