Thursday, August 15, 2013

any plant lovers out there

anyone know what this pretty orange flower is?

these are my so pretty!  I think they like acidy soil am I right?

this I think is a rose of fitting my hairdresser, Sharon, helped us find this house........

lilac bush for the spring. I cant wait! I LOVE LILACS........they smell so sweet

and I think this is a butterfly bush..........if you know if I am right or wrong, let me know. we need to prune and make them neat and tidy.


  1. I think--fron your picture--that the yellow-orange flower is a Stella D'Oro Lily--they are so pretty. And the last is a butterfly inherited a lot of great plants there...have fun..Hugs, Julierose

  2. Your Stella D'Oro will die down in the fall, I usually leave mine alone til spring and then clean up the dead leaves when the new ones start to sprout. There are a lot of opinions on when to prune butterfly bushes, if you google 'prune butterfly bush' you should be able to get info more specific to where you live.

  3. i have some lilys here that i planted.