Saturday, September 28, 2013

crayon rolls

I cut out 4 crayon rolls.....  for each you need 3 pieces of fabric 6x18 and one of interfacing 6x18  and a piece of ribbon 18 inches long.

the three pieces are outside, lining and pocket.
you will take one and fold it in half right sides out. this will be the pocket section for the crayons.
choose a dark fabric for the inner liner (think crayons sliding in and out getting dirty)
take the pocket section and iron it flat in half right sides out.
take the dark liner section and iron on the interfacing or sew it on to the wrong side.
with the fold at the top and the raw edges even on the bottom, sew the two small side hems of the pocket to the lining. sew the side, bottom and the opposite side. then mark every inch and sew them for pockets for crayons. along one short end of the roll, sew the 18 inch ribbon.(fold it in half and stitch on the half mark of the ribbon to the edge of the roll. so that when rolled it can be tied)
final step, place the outside piece right sides together with this piece and sew all sides leaving a small area to turn. turn it inside out, iron flat and stitch opening shut while stitching close to all edges.
fill with crayons, roll up and tie. DONE!
a nice project for leftovers from fat quarters
once I stitch all these, into the Christmas box they go!  nice with matching pillowcase you think? with coloring books? artist pad of paper?