Monday, September 30, 2013

dresdans found

playing with scraps. if I made the center with scraps and put the dresdans as a border what do you think?
I was thinking about this but not so sure.......
maybe too much blue? my other scraps don't have as much blue in them. maybe they would make a better center.
OR..........should I do something fun with bloggy friends ?
maybe a "round robin" kind of thing......we could all start with a dresdan then for rounds after that we could all put in suggestions and then we would all do it at the same time and keep our quilt top.
what do you think?
anyone interested?  I don't have a linky thing but if I knew who was participating I think I could add you on the side or something. then we could see each others progress and interpretations thru blog links.
sounds like a fun project for after Christmas huh?
let me know if you would be interested. I think I have 10 or so dresdans at least.
then we would have "matching" quilts......not really but would be fun to see how they turn out.


sewyouquilt2 said...

here is what I envision. I send participants a dresdan. You mount it on a square of your choice. round one is announced and we all have 2 weeks to get er done. then a new one announced etc BUT we can work at our own pace because you are not sending it anywhere. YOU will do ALL rounds on the quilt. You can catch up later as I will have the rules for the rounds listed once done we finish off and show it off on our blogs. what cha think? you in? c' know you want to....
If you do, leave me a comment saying you are in and then also your idea for a round.
Dawn Im in- flying geese round
maybe someone else will say a stripey round etc

then I will assign the rounds (so we don't have 2 triangle rounds together or whatever) and will put it on my blog. I will attach your name on the side to your blog if I can. sound fun? maybe we can have a small quilt by Spring doing this.......

Julierose said...

I'm IN for sure--and after Christmas with the "quiet days" of Jan/Feb It would be fun! I really like this idea for trying out new types of blocks you haven't done before--my first round would be butterflies...(I DID say I had to do some, didn't I? LOL) This is a wonderful idea. Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

i am working on a dresden plate christmas quilt on my blog ' a simply great. i love dresden plates