Friday, September 27, 2013

how do you store your books?

take a look at this picture.......see the overloaded bookshelf in the back?  this contains all of my books and inspiration..........for, get ready, QUILTING, PAINTING, KNITTING, CROCHETING, COOKING and any other craft you can think about. I think a little JEWELRY MAKING thrown in there for fun. I have used tons of the ideas and patterns but will NOT live long enough to use them all. (CONFESSION, this is not ALL of my books. There is a shelf to the ceiling on the other side you do not see- I have started to weed some out little by little if they have the same pattern etc. luckily I have not come across any duplicates so far)

Do any of you have great ideas as to how to store your books?  My son wants me to scan them all to a drive for the computer. I told him that would be a project in itself when I could be sewing. (SILLY SON)

anyway, I know what he means and he is protecting himself from having to deal with it all when I pass away. (hopefully that is a way down the road, thank you very much!) BUT still I understand his concern.

Are you a book hoarder? Do you get inspiration from books or computer?  I find I pin things on pinterest but to be honest, I never go back there to find the site and pattern again. so I try to stay off that for now. I was a bad pinner in the beginning. pinning all kinds of things. then I said to myself, self, you have TONS of books and TONS of fabric and TONS of thread that you should be USING instead of dreaming about using. GET TO IT....... and you know what???? I LISTENED  (that in itself was a first- listening to the voice saying to do something..........yeah ok I hear voices, so what?....LOL....)

I would love to tame this animal so that I have more room to store my stash instead of books I will never live long enough to use........have projects come back after 20 years? absolutely. have styles and color styles changed? absolutely. so what do you keep and what do you recycle?

                                 INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW...................


Needled Mom said...

My books and magazines are taking over too, but I do go back for inspiration all the time.

Vicki H said...

I can't bear to get rid of books, but I will tear out pages of magazines and save in sheet protectors that go in 3-ring notebooks.

barbara woods said...

you could always have a giveaway for some that you don't want any more