Sunday, September 29, 2013

on a roll......

remember these? yeah, I was going through more boxes and found more fabrics and said hmmm........if one is good, MORE is better, right?  so I spent about an hour choosing coordinates and cutting out enough to make a total of 8 crayon rolls. they will be nice to have on hand for occasions. see the 2 white background ones?  these are fun and look like they are Australian. they say Merry Christmas with kangaroos and one with Koalas. cute cute!  (thanks again Julie Rose!)

this is what it looks like all rolled up and filled. nice and tidy way to store crayons

this is what the inside looks like. I used a "dark" liner fabric because I am envisioning when crayons slide in and out they will rub off color. I thought it wouldn't look as bad on a dark fabric.
easy peasy and actually fun. hmmmm.....   pillowcase, crayon roll, coloring book or drawing pad, the start of something fun..........
I want one. Do you think I can alter it to hold a 64 pack of crayons????? I ALWAYS wanted one of those!!!!!!  LOL
hope this is a fun project for you too......into the Christmas box you go my pretty...
(oh yeah, wrong holiday...... I must be in Halloween mode)


  1. these are so cute--glad you could use up those fabrics in such a nice method!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. i am going to have to make one of those but i would have to keep buying colors because our greatgrands just brake them