Tuesday, September 17, 2013

playing with fabric FINALLY

Remember these that I played with? I had some squares (as you can see folded up) in a basket. mostly they were solids but some were print. I sewed into 4 patches........then.............trimmed to 5 inches

why 5 inches?  well, my friend JulieRose sent some lovelies to me so I took the 5 inch 4 patch and paired it with a 5 inch square of fabric she sent. I tried to pull out polka dots to see what I could do.
they made a neat little unit that I then played with on the floor. (and with a cat in the house, let me tell you, that can take forever! I straightened, Dunkin made a mess, I straightened, Dunkin with the tenacity of a chess player made a mess......LOL
BUT I came up with a zigzag type pattern and I like it. these are not colors I usually use. (I HAD to add the blue hee hee) BUT it got me to think outta the box and do something different.
this does not measure very big  maybe 16x20ish once sewn. maybe I will make a small quilt for  the wall in the sewing room........or maybe I will add some borders and make it larger medallion style.
this was really fun to play with NEW colors and techniques I have never really used. The half squares of the 4 patch side when sewn this way don't line up the points but I don't mind.
The process and final outcome was worth it.

what do you think?  any suggestions?  I think I will have to add a border in blue before it is done......
too busy? you like? dislike? suggestions for the next rows?

                                        HAVE YOU HAD FUN TODAY???????? <3


Julierose said...

Being a total scrap-aholic (LOL) I love the mixture. I say, if you like the blue--leave it in--it's not "busy"--tee-hee--it's "scrappy"! hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love it. just started to do some sewing myself

Fiesta said...

This is such an excellent idea and a wonderful way to use up scraps. I love it!