Monday, September 30, 2013

remember the quilt show?

remember last weekend I attended the quilt show?  well, this is what I bought. a panel with lots of FALL squares. I figured with all the Fall fabrics in my stash, I could cut the squares and make them bigger by sewing Fall fabrics willy nilly around the edges and then cut to whatever size. then I would join a few of them to make a runner for the living room.
I figured this way I could stretch this bit of fabric and then make matching runners for the smaller end table to match.

we will see if I can get this one done. if not, it can be for next season........not in any rush
the warm Fall colors I guess were calling me............

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Julierose said...

Really pretty panel there; You could also make some place mats and use some other fabrics for napkins...hugs, Julierose