Sunday, September 8, 2013

sewing room is coming along

the sewing rom is coming along. I am finding UFOs that I forgot about for sure. the upside is they are almost done so a little work and "finish satisfaction". LOL

hopefully the camera situation will be resolved soon. my roses are fading and I so wanted to show you how beautiful they are. I unfortunately do not have a fancy cell phone so I cant take a pic that way either. that is fine. you will just have to take my word, they are gorgeous!

going to look up my plants and make a listing of the care of pruning and when etc I need to do. I have never owned before so this is all new to me and kind of exciting. I hope I don't kill any of them. I know there are plenty of weeds and I want to get rid of them before the winter comes. that will be for one day in the yard to get that work done I guess.

these have started to turn a little pink and are so pretty. this one clump is in the front of the house and there is another one on the side near the roses. pretty pretty.

this guy I trimmed up a bit to make it look presentable. it had branches all kinds of sizes sticking out all over the place. it looks a little better. Now if only I could get a good eye on these things to make them even. ha ha

don't forget my giveaway.............keeping it open till the weekend............hope you win some goodies!!!!
good luck to all who play...........

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Julierose said...

Pretty plants won my giveaway--I need your mailing address, hon...hugs, Julierose