Saturday, September 14, 2013

sneak peek at sewing room

here is a sneak peek...........LOL
 no this is Phoebe. she likes to "help" mom make the bed. then it takes me a half hour instead of 5 minutes. she is just trying to tell me to slow down and smell the roses............ha ha
here is a thread holder laden with some hoops and such. as I unpack I am trying to gather them in one spot. You know how when you are looking for something and can not find it but need it NOW?  well.........if you were like me, you would go get another one, right?
Now is the moment of truth to see how many I find......... (oops)

here is the built in wall section. it has some things there. some things will be moved I am sure but again I put it while unpacking to see what is what............that sewing machine on top is acute little container I got as a gift one Christmas. I love it. looks so cute up there too.....

Janome was mad that I had left her in here all she hid the book on me and I need it to see how to set her up to just sew regular and not on the quilting frame. she holds grudges, I can tell!
So I put little Singer 99 in front and tried to make her jealous by sewing. I had a ball! I MISSED my babies!!!!!
the first thing Dunkin did when I let him in the sewing room with me was to jump up and try to eat the thread off the machine. grrrrrrr...........  thought I was going to be able to let him look out the window as I sew but he had other ideas......

some of the quick sewing I did..........had a bunch of squares cut in a basket. thought they would be cute as a tiny doll quilt or potholders or something.

my sewing machine wall hanging..I used to collect sewing machine pins that I had on here.........not even sure where I got them but they were cool



Julierose said...

Oh I do love those sewing machines on your quilt--so cute! Your room is shaping up nicely...Julierose

barbara woods said...

take it easy girl don't want you down in your back again