Tuesday, September 3, 2013

still no pictures but giveaway

Hi all
still no pictures. went through about 8 boxes and no charger!  grrrrrrrrr............
today after the bee exterminator comes I am hoping to go buy a charger so I can show you hopefully how beautiful my roses are (the heavy rain yesterday did them no favors)

anyhow, please sign up on the last post for the giveaway. tell your friends. I will hold it open for the week then I will pick a winner. or more than one depending on how many enter.

you wont be sorry..........

lots going on around here..........

see you soon!

ps.  blips from the wedding.........

7 year old was the best man
he took his dad out the night before to Applebees. he said get whatever you want Dad, I am paying. so Dad got steak and he got mac n cheese  TWO orders! LOL
then on day of wedding he had to do the toast. he comes up to my table and goes "Grammie, WHAT the HECK is a toast?"  so I told him it was stating best wishes for the couple for a long and happy life.
 he goes ok.
then he says to everyone "A toast to a long and happy life. Love you mom and dad."
there wasn't a dry eye in the place. how can you get a better best man than that!
I will leave you with a picture from the wedding.........


  1. Oooh how sweet...children are our blessing for sure...great posting..hugs, Julierose