Thursday, October 24, 2013

more pillowcases camera is fixed ......I think..........

Hey Phoebe, look at these. they are nice. Mom has been up late cutting and sewing these up and putting them in a box. I wonder why.........

Yeah Dunkin. these ARE nice. I LOVE the blue one. Do you think it is a quilt for me? it is rather thin though..........

No silly it is a pillowcase.......see? I will try it out. ahhhh............nice and soft.......and pretty too!

these are the ones " waiting their turn" to be made. It was fun matching up fabrics and some of the outcomes were unexpected. As I thought, hubby liked the blue one in the photo above so that set of two will be ours.
have 8 cut and ready to sew, 5 to finish sewing, and 2 ready for the wash and then the box.
getting there............


  1. Your box is getting more full by the day. Great work.

  2. thanks Vicki, yes it is getting full. I may need a bigger box! LOL
    tonight finished up the 5 pillowcases and washed the two. now to sew up the others that are cut.
    also finished a mug rug and the piecing of a 60 degree angle six sided table mat in Christmas colors. will post sometime later on.

  3. That is a big stack of pillowcases. Cute kitties :)