Saturday, October 26, 2013

tree dilemna

this is our little tree that was in the corner last year at the apartment. we are still trying to find a spot for it this year. the cats are the issue. always trying to take off the ornaments and eat things. I had it barricaded with so many gifts last year that it was too high for them to jump up.
I think we have a problem Houston! LOL
hopefully I can figure out where to put it and how to arrange it so that the cats don't get hurt. I certainly don't need any vet bills at this time!
and speaking of trees......... I am still trying to see what will happen with these advent calendars. I may be thinking too hard............I need to hurry as they would need to be started on Dec 1st..........
I am beginning to think small tiny ornaments with sequins sewn to tree to hang them on? we will see. all the fabric I have has the wrong scale of ornaments and overpower the tree. maybe some made with beads would work in pockets on the side and maybe some gifts under the tree toward the end with Santa?  that may work............
trees on the brain!


  1. I had a small Christmas tree last year and kept it high enough so our cat wouldn't get to it. Not sure what to do this year. I've always wanted to made an Advent calendar but never did. The small ornaments with sequins sounds nice!!

  2. Good luck with your tree this year - we always have a fresh, large tree and our cats play with the ornaments and drink the nasty water in the base!!! I put bells around the bottom branches so we can hear when they get naughty.

  3. You may have to hang it from the ceiling