Saturday, November 9, 2013

cat mats

this would make a cute cat least the area would look neat right?
this are somewhere and when I find them they may become pieces of cat mats as well........

and this UFO block too. it was an experiment for the rolling stone block in scrappy old fashioned fabrics but I didn't like making the block so one is all I have. I am thinking if I added wide to sides and narrow top and bottom it would make a fine cat mat.
just gotta find them so I can whip em out..........then just get treats and cats will be done........
another one bites the dust...... YEAH


  1. Oh yes, les chats will love them--they need to be prim and proper do kitties--even when they eat!! hugs, Julierose

  2. I'm sure your kitties will love them!!

  3. When I was practicing FMQ, it was bad. I gave all my practice pieces to my kitty Elly. Now she thinks all fabric is hers....grin.