Wednesday, November 6, 2013

memories of Christmas past

not sure if you can see the date or not but this was made for a niece a long time ago. it is a muslin type fabric and hand painted with an angel design. (freehand by me)
this niece was kind enough to loan it to me.....
I may have to make her and her family new stockings for this year. she has a beautiful 2 year old son and a significant other  so I am thinking 3 matching but not matching stockings may be the ticket for a nice gift for them. I can fill with pillowcases, coloring books etc
now where is that Christmas fabric stash?  do I want to make "generic" like shades of red, shades of green, shades of blue?
Or one girly one, one camaflauge, and one kiddy one?
decisions, decisions...........

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Julierose said...

Lovely angel drawing; I like that green a lot...hugs, Julierose