Saturday, November 16, 2013

still sprucing up the place

these are left from the baby shower. aren't they gorgeous???? they sure got their money worth.....and I was lucky enough to get a bouquet to put in my sewing room. the cats would have a field day otherwise......kind of incentive for me to get into the sewing room to "visit" and play.

more things cleaned out to give away to someone in need. picture frames, clothes, slippers never worn...........hopefully someone can use them this winter

painted this shotglass holder black to match our d├ęcor and had hubby hang it. filled it with brother in laws shotglass collection. need to get 6 more to fill it up. looks good and organizes them nicely.........
are you getting ready????


Julierose said...

Unpacking and finding room for "stuff" is the hardest thing.
We keep saying we'd like to move, bu the thought of our cellar (full of my Mom's and our stuff) holds us back. Hang in there...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

take your time , you will get it all done some day, i am still working on ours and we have been here 13 years