Friday, November 15, 2013

this may end up as my bathroom quilt

this may end up as my bathroom quilt. I usually have either the red tones or that shade of green in my bathroom so it will be perfect. I need a small quilt for the window treatment. that way the cold air stays out, it is not peek a boo, and I can hopefully save a little on the heat bill as it will be warmer getting out of the shower.
quite a lot to ask of a small quilt, right?
I just need to measure the window space and then make this with a rod pocket in back.....
should be an easy project.........
quilt in ditch, and get er done............
this will allow me to bring other colors into the bathroom as well. I never thought about orange.......that will wake you up! LOL
I am thinking no binding just pillowcased and quilted. we will see..........


  1. like it and where you live it's a great idea

  2. This is so cute and cheery--great for a window...hugs, Julierose

  3. What a great piece! I love the pattern and color choices you made - it will put a smile on your face on cold days!