Wednesday, November 13, 2013

what makes a UFO?

need a backing for this one. should I make one of scraps to make it reversible?  or just get a plain beige color and get it done?

this one is border or not to is an eye spy

I also have some leftover rails and dresdans from this fabric........... need to decide what to do with them......
and just need to quilt this and find a backing fabric in stash as well. thinking plain black for is just a runner and has been running away from me finishing it........
what makes a UFO?                   
1) not a loved project anymore
2) something stopping the next step.......need binding fabric, need backing fabric etc
3) afraid to quilt it and how
4) no purpose for the quilt so it is not urgent anymore
5)not sure on size.........make it bigger? leave off borders?
the UFOs in our closets are like the Island of Misfit toys. they all have something worthwhile to contribute if only we could look deeper and get beyond the thing that is holding us back.
so what if the backing fabric is not the same colors as the front. if you can bind it in a basic one that goes with the front, you have a two personality quilt that is reversible.
if the back fabric is not big enough, piece it. again, a two for one...........
once you clean out the corners of the sewing room and find all the misfits, most of the time you will find the fabric that was allotted for the project in the beginning. if not, buy it, finish it and move on...........
2013 has become the year to finish the UFO for me. I think it came from realizing when moving that there were tons of projects in totes. easy to organize them but what good is the project in a tote unfinished????
I want them to be finished, be used and comfort and warm.........just like they are supposed to .........


  1. Those are a tough ones to answer--I've always felt that the "something" holding me back was one of two things: either I just don't like how it turned out--somehow disappointed in it; or I don't know where to go next on it. I am trying to make 2013 --at least this part of it (lol)--the UFO "finished with it" year...good questions, Dawn, hugs, Julierose

  2. I made a promise to myself when I started this quilting journey. Only two or three UFO's are allowed at one time. I have been keeping that promise to myself for several years and it works for me. =) It forces me to make those little decisions and move on. =)