Monday, December 9, 2013

gift for the park maintenance man........check

this is what I came up with for a gift for the park maintenance man. 
he is so good and does his job with a smile.
it is sometimes hard for him to get respect as some people 
can just be downright mean. 
thought I would cheer him up with a little holiday gift

Here is Phoebe doing her best Vanna impression. 
In the basket is two packages of Pepperidge farm cookies I think Tahoe and Sausalito.( do I know the names by heart I wonder???)
Dunkin Donuts coffee
choc covered almonds
Pot of Gold box of chocolates
Lindt chocolates
I figure in the coming months of snowplowing he can have a nice hot cup of coffee and some goodies to keep him going.

My two brats napping. wrapping that and holding the tape for mommy was such hard work  


Julierose said...

You are a good "doobie" to take care of the maintenance person. :--))) I know he'll enjoy all those goodies--you really make nice baskets!! hugs, Julierose

Patrica said...

It's kind of you to think of the maintenance man since many do not. You can always judge a person by how they treat those whom some consider inferior. Never trust a person who is unkind to wait staff or sales clerks I say.