Wednesday, December 11, 2013

God gained an angel tonight.........

If I am away from the blog for a bit it is because on 12/10 God gained an angel , my mother in law.
She was having trouble breathing and he ended her suffering
She was a funny, witty, intelligent, sweet and loving woman who will be greatly missed by many.
I will miss her laugh and her wit and most of all being able to try and beat her at her favorite word game.
she would choose a word out of the dictionary, such as vicissitudes, and then challenge us within a certain time period to come up with a list of the most words made using the letters of that word. the rules were simple: no cheating and 3 letter or more words, and if only one "c" for example in the word you could not have a word with more than one C in it.

this game was enjoyed by many members of the family wanting to "win the title" of the best at the game.
two of the best players have already passed.......Larry my brother in law and now my mother in law.

Marge, if you can hear me the word is vicissitudes (meaning unpredictable changes in life)
and no cheating with Larry. 
I will bring my list when I see you again......

RIP   love and miss you..... 


Patrica said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. The holidays are a hard time for grieving I hope your family will come together to remember a wonderful person with fondness. Hugs.

barbara woods said...

sorry for your loss, praying for your family