Friday, December 6, 2013

I like this years version better

This is our tree this year..........
I added some more red ornaments and red berries to it. 
It comes with prelit lights in multi color.
 (I prefer all white but hey- I got what I got)

This was last years version. 
Funny thing is even though we have had the little tree for about 5 years now,
 for the first time hubby says to me "It looks too thin" LOL
Do ya think?
HE was the one that insisted when we needed a new tree 
to get the "tabletop" version as he didn't want a big one anymore
(why I don't know because it is always MY job
 to decorate it and put it up and take it down. he just has the job of admiring it.)

what do you think? So far, the cats have stayed away from it...........interesting......

They must believe in Santa...........
or realize that if they touch ONE little branch,
there will be NO MORE TREATS in this house.......
just kidding. I am a softie and they know it.......I think....
just don't tell them to remind them


Julierose said...

I really like the berries and red ornaments a lot! Your room looks very festive--we are supposed to put up our tabletop tree today (that's if DH gets up into the attic to bring it down LOL)! I Iike all white lights, too, but ours is a fiber-optic baby the g'kids love all the colors...raining AGAIN--fogged in here--not exactly Christmassey...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

we bought a smaller around tree this year. I bought the old tree 16 years ago and it was huge.