Sunday, January 19, 2014

any gardeners out there?

I am trying to figure out how we can do some nice gardening in containers around here
this butterfly bush was gorgeous last year and so fragrant. it is right on the patio area edge where we hope
to sit and spend a lazy afternoon grillin and chillin at home with friends
any ideas of any other butterfly friendly plants that I can place nearby?
I saw a lovely butterfly house I am going to try and get my brother to make for me.....
maybe for my spring birthday coming up????  hint hint???? LOL

and this little pretty
I want to figure out how to take some cuttings and make new ones. I love the two tone color in the front of the house. 
I am not sure what the previous owner had planted as there were lots of grassy like things (not sure if weeds or not)
when we moved here in Aug.
BUT, if I can make a few more of these guys and plant them alongside to make a low hedge
it would be a great backdrop for some pretty flowers don't you think?

I am also thinking of a container painted with our house number on it with some nice fragrant lavender
in it. saw a cute idea on house number is small
AND we do not go sequentially so they mistake our house all the time.
that would clarify things a bit for delivery and visitors

this is the patio area looking from the shed to the screenroom.
the screenroom is FINALLY cleared of all this debris and is
almost the way we want it. there are a few
pieces of furniture to store supplies like
tablecloths and paper plates etc
and there is a nice table and folding chairs for sitting
I have the radio inside waiting for the warmer weather before permanently planting it
on the table for our entertainment of the season
we also have mother in laws TV that son will install somewhere in there out of the weather elements
for those afternoon ball games

BUT the patio area with the grill NEEDS some TLC. I was thinking container garden of some tomatoes, herbs, lettuces maybe?  then when making that special burger we can just
wash the fresh produce and dig in.
(that is if my green thumb kicks in and we have produce growing)

I bought seeds for some rosemary, flat leaf parsley, lavender, iceburg lettuce, and mixed greens lettuce and kale

in the Spring I want to find some acid free tomatoes and regular tomato, and some cherry tomatoes
my potatoes  I will try in the new plastic trash can that I will paint the same color as my shed
then I will plant them deep down covering them as the plant grows up
and see how that goes. I am thinking the kale may go over there
near the shed too. it is a little more shaded with the trees and I think would do better there

so what do you think?
any helpful hints for this gal?


barbara woods said...

hubby is the gardener here, i just freeze and can

sewyouquilt2 said...

I am the chief cook and canner and bottle washer and grower here ha ha just looking for ideas to save some money this summer