Monday, January 27, 2014

getting ready for February

this is what I have been working on. Yeah, looks like my quilting, right? NOT
BUT I am ready for Valentines as far as my door is concerned. Christmas is finally taken down. it still looked great so it was hard to tear it up.
This first heart I did and said to hubs what do you think? 
he goes too pink. cant go on MY door. 
sooooo...........I looked for some red and made another one. 
the pink went to the neighbor for her door and she liked it! (I do too)

so here is the red version. they are made of all things I had hanging around. 
coat hanger bent in heart shape
then strips of pink fabric for top one and red lace for bottom one
then I found a piece of white lace fringe for each that just went around the inner border
hot glued it on and then decorated with some other ribbon and satin hearts

easy peasy and satisfying because they were literally "free"
and I feel like I am ready for February now.

what do you think? Do you like my "junk"?

1 comment:

Karen said...

I think you should use both hearts. You will need a third one.... maybe white.