Saturday, January 18, 2014

more inspiration

forgot that I have some of these little 5 inch squares all done up.
they were going to be a border on another quilt. 
I was handstitching them as I was teaching someone to quilt many years ago.
she didnt have a machine so wanted to learn by hand
this was back before 9-11 so it is at least ten years old
Did I just say that????  can't be!!!
where did the time go? 

anyway, they will make a cute little border or something if I can make the math work
I cut them at 5 (finish at 4 1/2)  why do I DO that??? ha ha

and this guy has some ideas too.........just border with a scrappy crazy border
so many possibilities


Julierose said...

Those 5"-er are so nice--and hand wewn--wow! and "Puddy Tat" looks like he want syou to add those borders PDQ LOL Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

don't think i would have the time to hand sew but as hubby says ' when they did that there was no T V