Friday, January 17, 2014

Relaxing robin and where have I been

sorry I have not been posting for a bit. we were having issues with the phone and computer and tv service and needed to wait until it was fixed. Then I was trying to catch up on phone calls and emails etc.

I have not had much time to sew either but today I will fix that problem. I designated it sewing day.

Has anyone else done anything on their relaxing robin?  send me your blog address so I can post our progress. I am still trying to get that issue resolved too. tried to start a new blog. that didn't work.

I am not sure if I want to buy a linky tool and have had many that said the free ones are not worth it.
we will see. I want to make it easy for us to all share our progress. I am still thinking I may do two.

time will tell..........

this one above I want to work on for the combo so far........

this is in one of the tubs as a UFO that was just crazy sewing to fill a sewing need.......hmmm........
it has some warm colors.........thinking summer.........
maybe I need a little summer in my sewing to get my mojo back..........

or do I want to use up a block that is a wrong size for it's intended project
and use it
because the background fab with the kids on it
was from my Mom's stash
many many years ago. Mom has been gone since 1989
so this one could be special too.

will see how much I can get done today.
ready, set, go!