Friday, January 17, 2014

relaxing robin participants

I put a listing of links of those who in previous comments said they wanted to play along.

For now we will just have to visit their blogs also to see if there is any progress on their robin.

If you do not see your name or link, OR if the link for you doesnt work, please let me know so that I can add or fix it.

I am thinking that the 25th of the month (think Christmas) is a good time to post your progress. what do you think?

I will post mine as I go along and then will remind everyone of the next steps for the following month on the 25th.

hmmmm.......... so many UFOs..............WILL THIS BE THE YEAR????

leave me a comment if you have started or if we need to fix links.
that way like I said we can see each others progress......

lets have some QUILTY FUN!!!!!!!!!

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Alla Blanca said...

Can I join in? Putting up a blog post today about it. I'm kinda excited!
Alla at rainbows.bunnies.cupcakes