Monday, January 20, 2014

relaxing robin pondering next steps

Do I use up some string pieced blocks to make a border for my relaxing robin?

some crazy willy nilly sewn pieces?

can I "cheat" with this cheater????   nope  already made into a
placemat for the kitties........ good thing huh?
but then they will match my quilt  

ut oh........found this old UFO.......was making a quilt for a boy or man
and used up tons of novelty squares in this
but I think it  stopped because I ran out of the blue
and didnt know what to do next
maybe just quilt er up as a lap size and get er done???
would be nice for a lap quilt for the nursing home. not too huge or too heavy

PROBLEM: no more blue fabric for border; no ideas for  border
SOLUTION: tie or quilt up as is for a laptop size to donate to nursing home

and also found this one. I used to work in a curtain  factory office and when the place closed,
because they knew I was a sewer, I was offered some fabrics and swatch books. 
these are 100% cotton but denim weight
so I just made squares and sewed willy nilly until I got a nice big quilt
I just need to tie or quilt it up
my sewing niece likes it. (it IS nice and warm for sure)
maybe in keeping with the old fashioned theme I can tie each square and do minimal quilting to hold it
or some machine tacking?  it is big and heavy so that has been the issue with finishing this one too

PROBLEM: too big and too heavy to figure out how to finish
SOLUTION: tie or machine tack 

Here is a picture of another toile I had previously thought of using
for my dresdans    
now where is that piece?  it may come in handy for future
rows on relaxing robin
Dunkin seems to like this colorway

Phoebe is bored by the whole thing and the whole process. it is raining and dreary and she is napping soundly nice and warm and snuggly

Dunkin:  I will pretend to sleep too 

Mom: I see your eyes are still open little boy

Dunkin:  the better to see you with Mom

Mom: I know Dunkin, you may miss out on seeing me 
pet Phoebe instead of YOU or something like that
and if I gave HER treats, BOY would I be in TROUBLE!!!!

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Grin....I have no answers for your questions, but sure love those kitties! Mine is wild today!