Thursday, January 9, 2014

relaxing robin step one January

Ok I have made up my mind. (the hard part of this whole process)
 and chose to use the toile piece of fabric I have for a background. 
that will bring in some black into the scrappy color pallet of blues and pinks that are in my blocks 

I do have more than one of these blocks as they were going to be a dresdan quilt. BUT after making this pattern over and over I got bored with the regular layouts and abandoned the blocks.

so now, as old friends, I will play with these blocks again. I am thinking some of the others may end up being chopped into sections for additional rows or whatever   
time will tell as we go along and I am open to new ideas.

So for any of you that are joining me in this endeavor of a relaxing robin, your task for January is........
drumroll please..........

choose your block or blocks to work with
and add a small border of your choice......
maybe something of a different color that you can incorporate later on in the quilt.

EASY PEASY............what do you say?
the only thing I am going to try to do in this process is to think about my borders as far as the sizes for future add ons.
For example, my block will probably be 12 inches (12 1/2 unfinished)
and if I add the border of 2 (2 1/2 unf) 
that leaves me with a 16 inch block for the next task. and we know that is divisible by 4 so 
it may make it easier to do my next add on

this is gonna be the year I FINISH something with these blocks
Have you picked your block and border? tell us in the comments until I can 
figure out how we can link up and see everyone's progress
as we RELAX and ROBIN our way into the new year

see ya in the sewing room.........


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I won't get to this until next week - but have an ophan block to start with and think I will pull my box of HSTs to use for the border.

sunny said...

I might try to start playing around tomorrow. I didn't think I really had any orphan blocks, but I just remembered one!